Women with Wanderlust: safe travel for women in India

Travelling through India as a single woman might be daunting but it is usually just a case of empowering yourself with knowledge. We look at helpful tips that will help keep single, woman travellers in India safe and how staying in a homestay can enhance your Indian experience.

Indian experiences 
As a single female in India you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy hunting for unique souvenirs and to try out new things. Learn how tie a sari, go shopping at lesser known haunts favoured by locals, get pampered with massages, relax with private yoga sessions and so much more. A popular activity is to take a cooking lesson to learn how to whip up fantastic local dishes.  Staying in a homestay your hosts will be able to assist with all these activities and for keen cooks you can family recipes, passed through over 5 generations. These recipes make for exciting souvenirs to take back home as you recreate them for friends and family.


Things to remember while in India
Often, being safe while travelling is just a question of remembering the basics – don’t go out alone at night and don’t talk to strangers. India is no exception to these time tested thumb-rules. For those worried about their safety, staying with a reputed homestay can help put your mind at ease. CheersBye homestays, in particular, only associates with reputed homestay operators who will inform you of places to avoid and more often than not, they have tie-ups with reputed taxi services, imperative while travelling alone an India. Homestay owners look after your security and interest like you’re a part of the family. If you’re heading for a crowded tourist spot they will help you find a known and trusted guide to accompany you.

Extended stays
Homestays are particularly popular amongst women who are in a new city for work or on a sabbatical for an extended period. Aspiring writers, painters, poets and filmmakers are known to make many homestays their sanctuary while they flesh out their next masterpiece. Your hosts are extremely well versed with their city’s good and bad side and can be invaluable assets for single, female travellers who are welcomed as one of the family.


Don’t over-analyze
The most common problem one might face at a lot of tourist destinations is dealing with people looking to make a fast buck. This is usually more of a nuisance than a serious safety issue. People are usually not out to hurt you. So while you might encounter a pickpocket, you will rarely ever hear about a mugging incident. Most tourist spots are crowded but signs are posted all over, reminding you to stay alert.

Know before you go
Before travelling alone in India, a little research goes a long way. It is true that travelling through some parts of the country needs a little more care than others. States like Kerala, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are known to be very safe for tourists and there are ample sights to soak in.


Learn the language
Travelling through any country alone is significantly easier if you speak the local language. The same rule applies in India. Although most people in India, particularly those involved in the hospitality and service industry, speak English it does help to know the basics. A few words here and there can help you bargain better, find directions and interact with some impressed locals. Walking around with a translation book defeats the purpose of blending in. But a few helpful phrases written down by your homestay hosts will be the perfect aid. They’ll help you interact with locals, have a better time and stay safe.

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