Where to shop in Agra

In Agra visitors focus on seeing the main attractions, the grand Taj Mahal and it’s adjoining monuments are the definite highlights of the city. However, Agra is also a good place to also take out some time to hit the shops. A whole variety of souvenirs can be found, from street stalls to large emporiums. Here is our guide to help you plan where to shop in Agra.

Outside the Taj Mahal for Marble Inlay Work 
The famous inlay work on table tops and other parts for home furnishings hard goods are popular with travellers from around the world. The East gate of the Taj opens out into a row of shops which specialize in this work. A variety of quality and prices can be found here depending on your budget. The good part is that since these marble prices are heavy, the shop owners ship it to your address at an additional cost. With some disappointing experiences, it’s wise to hold some payment for these till you receive the shipment. Kalakriti is one of the known shops for this. They may be slightly over priced but are known for the variety and reliability. They also have interesting jewellery options and carpets. A one stop shop if you may want to call it that!


Sadar Bazaar for Shoes 
Agra is famous for its traditional leather handicrafts and shoes. The narrow winding streets of Sadar Bazaar not only provide the perfect exploratory backdrop for a shopper but also great bargains. Lose any inhibition to bargain here as the prices are inflated. Belle shoes and flip flops are available here in many colourful designs and price ranges. Ensure that you take a rickshaw and not try and get your car here.


Street Sellers for Perfume
The one thing you will definitely find on the go is a small perfume bottle. Many local sellers carry these on them and will meet you on the streets and also restaurants. The bottles do not cost more than Rs 100/- so do not pay more than that. These are small but very potent and not everyone has an instant liking to them. A drop is enough to last for a month.

Taj Mahal Replicas Everywhere!
One of Agra’s most popular souvenirs these will be in your face everywhere! Proactive sellers will walk up to and try and give you a replica for posterity. Be aware that all of these are not made from pure marble. Most of them will be made from alabaster and therefore deserve alabaster prices!


Malls in Agra for Shopping, Leisure and Entertainment
There are a few malls in Agra but they are largely for local consumption. As a traveller your shopping experience might be more enjoyable in the bustling markets and not showroom lined malls but Agra is home to several large fully air conditioned shopping malls equipped with modern facilities such as a multiplex, variety of well known shops and numerous eating options in the food courts. Your options include:

  • TDI Mall, Plot No-3-D, Taj Mahal Road
  • Ashok Cosmos Mall, 119-120/8, Sanjay Place
  • Pacific Taj Mall, Plot No. 3E,Taj Nagari Scheme, Phase-I, Fatehbad Road


Government Emporiums for Fixed Prices 
If you are worried about haggling at local markets and prefer a ‘fixed price’ style of shopping then visit the government emporiums in Agra. Popular options include purchasing carpets and artwork. You may be able to get a discount for purchasing multiple items.

  • Gangotri, U.P. Govt. Handicrafts Emporium, Taj Mahal Complex
  • U.P. Handloom, Sanjay Place, Hari Parbat, M.G. Road
  • UPICA, Sanjay Place, Hari Parbat, M.G. Road
  • U.P. Handicraft Palace, Fatehabad Road

For more advice on where to shop in Agra you can always check with your homestay host. Homestays offer a safe and high quality base for your Agra stay. If you would like help planning a visit contact our reservations team who will be happy to help you with your plans.

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