Transport in India: Getting around

India is a vast country and there are many ways of getting around. Unfortunately, the wide variety of transport in India can lead to confusion when making a choice about finding the best way to get around. But with the right information it’s simple and easy. We take a look at the top ways of getting around in India.

Air: Most Indian cities are connected today with each other and the world by domestic and international flights. Low cost carriers such as Spicejet, Indigo, GoAir have opened the skies to a whole new category of travellers and if booked in advance their tickets can cost just a little more than a train ticket. Be advised: delays are common but cancellations are very rare.


Train: India has the world’s largest railway network and it serves millions of people everyday. Trains interlink every city and many towns of the nation. Rajdhani and Shatabdi are the best trains but they only connect major tourist destinations. However, many express trains are available easily. Homestay hosts and CheersBye Homestays are an invaluable resource in informing people of the perfect train to book. They keep in mind the train’s schedule, speed and the traveler’s budget. In winters, trains face massive delays and cancellations due to unfavourable weather.


Taxis: Taxis are the more expensive option of getting around and it’s usually limited to intra-city tours. But important cities like Delhi have many operators who arrange tours to Jaipur, Punjab, Agra, Uttarakhand etc. This is also seen in the cities of larger states like Rajasthan, Kerala and Karnataka to name a few. A reliable way to book an honest and safe taxi service is through CheersBye Homestays. Only companies with a stellar reputation are used to serve the guests. This also prevents random discrepancies in charges levied by the cab companies.


Buses: Buses are by far the cheapest way to travel. But it’s also the trickiest. Bus schedules and ticketing can seem daunting even to a native. For some regions Like Delhi – Jaipur/Uttarakhand/Himachal Pradesh it’s fairly simple but in other areas it is normal wise to seek the aid of a local. If you are staying in a homestay your hosts will help you make the right booking and find the right bus station.


Autorickshaws: These unique little modes of transport are good for a one-time experience and a photo opportunity but it’s not always the best mode of transport. These three-wheelers are a largely unorganised sector and they charge rates at will. Prices are grossly inflated even for locals in most places. Tourists are rarely spared. A few homestays provide on-call autorickshaws. These are far more reasonable compared to the ones hailed on the road.


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