Transport in Delhi – Getting Around on the Metro

The Delhi Metro has changed commuting across Delhi and NCR. It’s made travelling for the locals and visitors cheaper, faster, safer and easier. For the first time, people in Delhi are not at the mercy of an auto-rickshaw driver’s whims. Here are the reasons why the Delhi Metro is the capital’s new best friend.

The Metro network covers most parts of Delhi and the NCR. The Central Secretariat Station is the main station from where metros in all directions can be taken. Think of it as the Penn station or the Waterloo station of Delhi, the hub of transport in Delhi.

The word ‘immaculate’ is more appropriate when describing the trains as well as the stations. No corners are cut in their maintenance and littering is not tolerated at all.


The Metro can boast of a great safety record. To date the network has been free from accidents. The first compartment of every train is reserved for women. Men should not board these even by mistake.

A metro ticket costs merely Rs. 15. For the Metros which will soon serve the airport the ticket is expected to be higher. Yet, in either case your basic fare will be significantly cheaper than any other mode of transport.

Metros are highly punctual and serve every station very frequently. The exact time of the next metro’s arrival is displayed clearly at every station. Journeys from South Delhi to Gurgaon which by car can take up to 90 minutes are covered in 15 minutes by the Metro.

The Metro is cheap, fast and safe. So no wonder it is crowded beyond belief during peak hours. This is especially true of the Central Secratariat Station. It’s best to avoid peak hours – around 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.

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