Three new homestays for your next break

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar is a much loved hill-station in the beautiful Kashmir Valley. Two new homestays can be combined together to offer a perfect break in this North India summer refuge.

Modern rooms offer view of Dal Lake


No visit to Srinagar is complete without a couple of nights in a houseboat allowing you to experience life on Dal Lake. The Modern rooms offer view of Dal Lake offers a fleet of super deluxe family owned houseboats, each with its own crew that takes care of your food and any activities that you want. These luxurious boats echo back to the time of Kings when it was decreed that no outsider could own land in Kashmir. The British got around this ruling by living on the water, employing Persians to build Cedar wood boats with elaborate wooden carved interiors.

Houseboat paradise around Dal lake

Combine a few nights on a houseboat with a few days in the mountains. Houseboat paradise around Dal lake offers a beautiful view of Dal Lake and you can spend your days trekking in the mountains before heading back to your homestay for a bonfire dinner. The attentive hosts of Hillscape Inn have great knowledge of local artifacts and handicrafts and can guide you with shopping for the beautiful woodwork or the Pashmina shawls that Kashmir is known for.

Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad in Kerala’s beautiful Western Ghats is a destination that visitors fall in love with; stunning views over coffee plantations, tea gardens and teak forests, crashing waterfalls with hidden swimming coves and a wildlife sanctuary where you might just spot a tiger.

Colonial House at the edge of a tiger reserve


Colonial House at the edge of a tiger reserve is perfect for guests who want to be one with nature and soak up the tranquil environment. With the Karapuzha dam just meters from the house, wake up to the views (pictured above) of soft mist rolling over the water.

The house offers all the modern facilities you might need, including a fully furnished kitchen and three large units, great for accommodating families who are travelling together.

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