Things to do in Solan: 9 things that make it the little, big adventure

Solan in the state of Himachal Pradesh has long been an ideal conduit for bigger cities and hillstations. But today, we bring you 9 things that make Solan the perfect place for explorers.

1. Make room for mushrooms
Solan is known as India’s “mushroom city.” This isn’t because of gross commercialization or questionable forms of recreation. The town simply produces some of the juiciest and freshest mushrooms you will ever taste. So do taste them.


2. A toast!
Just 11 kilometers from Solan is an old brewery called “Mohan Meakin’s Brewery.” It was opened way back in 1855 and since then it has been producing a number of alcohol-based beverages and brands that are extremely popular in the region. A great way to experience the local flavor.

3. Shrines of Solan
In Solan you will find plenty of charming and serene temples. Whether or not you choose to bow your head, the temples are worth visiting for their cultural importance. The most revered amongst Solan’s many houses of worship are The Shoolini Mata temple and the Jatoli Shiv temple. The latter is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his followers flock from all over the state to offer their tributes. Also to be visited is the Yungdrung Monastery, a Tibetan “gumpa” which exudes serenity and calm.


4. Art, Architecture and Arki
Arki Fort is a major attraction for tourists based in Solan and Simla. The Fort is embellished with murals that are done in the typical Pahari style. The Fort is a haven for art lovers and history buffs. A short drive from Arki is the Kuthar Fort, parts of which are up to 800 years old. The expansive Fort, houses fresh-water springs and samples of architectural marvel.


5. The playground of Maharajahs
Cheil is one of the most frequently visited places from Solan. It served as the summer capital for Maharaja Bhupinder Singh who built the world’s highest cricket pitch here where many famous teams were invited to play. Once, a game was organized where both teams were dressed as women and the Maharaja himself donned a nun’s habit. The playful Maharaja also built a small temple in honour of the sage who attained nirvana in Cheil. Today, the palace has been converted into a resort for tourists.


6. Silver lining without the clouds
The sleepy town of Barog attracts a number of tourists who have heard of its splendid natural beauty. The town is enveloped by pine trees and offers spellbinding vistas of the Churdhar Peak, also known as “Mountain of the Silver Bangle.” Its remote location makes it a peaceful weekend retreat and not just a day tour from Solan.


7. Old world, charmed
Kufri is arguably the most known tourist destination near Solan. Colonial influence can still be seen in this hillstation, which seems to have been suspended in time. There are plenty of cobbled streets, peculiar shops, and countless orchards to explore. A great place to see an era, long gone.


8. Walking through History
Another wonderful day trip from Solan is to Kasauli. The small district is home to St. Patrick’s Church, which was built in 1847. The grand Church is highly recommended for people who appreciate architecture and history. In the Church you will find wooden interiors, murals and much more that depict the life of Jesus. Christ. A wonderful place for inner-reflection and peace. A short distance from the church you will also find four ancient cemeteries dedicated to officials and soldiers of the British Raj.


9. Living like royalty
Nalagarh is a historically important site, where the Gurkha Wars were fought in the 19th Century. Today, it attracts tourists who are drawn by the reputation of the Nalgarh Fort and Palace. They are beautiful examples of Mughal architecture, which have recently undergone extensive makeovers and now serve as resorts.

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