Things to do in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, one of the Northern states of India, still holds a unique allure for travellers with its untouched landscapes and rustic charm. Majestic mountains, turbulent rivers and the unassuming local culture of the state makes this a favourite for those who are looking at adventure or those who just want to bask in the natural beauty of the place.

Within Himachal Pradesh, Palampur is one of the key destinations in the Kangra Valley region. Owing to the numerous streams that flow in the town, it was given the local name “pulum’, meaning abundant water. Enjoy the view of snow clad mountains from the famous Neugal Cafe.


Things to do in Palampur
Palampur makes for a great stopping point as there are a number of tourist specific things to see and do around it. The most important day tours are Darang, Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. Here are some of the other things to do in Palampur:

1. Bir and Beelling: Only 35 kms from Palampur, these villages are famous for Buddhist monasteries. It is also famous as an adventure destination for hand gliding and paragliding enthusiasts. The duo is also known for Tibetan handicrafts and its verdant topography.

2. Baijnath: A spiritual destination, Baijnath is 16 kms from the city and has a much revered Shiva shrine. It is said the Ravana himself has prayed to Shiva in this temple.

3. Andreta: A short drive from town, this is home to the well known artist, late Sardar Shobha Singh and late playwright Norah Richards. Dhauladhar Range presents itself in a beautiful panoramic view from here.

4. Bundla Stream: Again, a great spot for adventure lovers, this stream runs in a deep chasm of 100 metres and swells violently in the monsoon months. If one walks the 2 km distance between Palampur and Bundla, one can hear the stream continuously.


When to go 
Palampur has pleasant weather all through the year except for winters when it is extremely cold. However, for those who like the crisp chill in the air, this one is a perfect destination for you.

How to get there 
The closest airport to Palampur is Gaggal, which is 40 kms from the town. Flights are not that frequent to this airport and are also limited in connectivity from the number of places in India. The more convenient way to get here is by train to Pathankot and then travel 100 kms to Palampur. Delhi is well connected to Pathankot by train.

Where to Stay

There are a number of homestay options in Palampur. The 70 acre tea estate with cosy cottage is a stunning property spread in over 70 acres and is more than 150 years old. It was one of the first plantations to be planted by an Indian and every inch of it has a riveting story to tell.

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