Things to do in Nighlat – A Hidden Treasure in Uttrakhand

For travellers looking to get off the beaten track and find a remote and unexplored destination is the small town of Nighlat, tucked away in the rolling hills of Uttrakhand is just waiting to be discovered and is one of the top places near Nainital to extend a holiday there.

Close to Nainital and Bhimtal discover things to do in this secret location where you can appreciate the soothing calm of the mountains. Here are are top seven things to do in Nighlat.

1. Hikes – Alpine forests hide the curvaceous trails amidst the mild and tough slopes of the mountains. Explore your own paths or follow a local shepherd for day long hikes which are exciting and yet do not fall in the ‘experts’ bracket. Ensure that you carry some food and water in a light backpack. Plenty of streams and vast meadows make for good picnic spots. Mild treks to Macchli Diggi and Gaggar are also fascinating.


2. Explore local gardens – Many homes in Niglahat have a penchant for gardening and keeping immaculate green patches. The weather is conducive to growing fresh vegetables and various varieties of flowers and keen gardeners will find plenty of like minded locals to share tips with.


3. Adventure activities – Bhimtal, being only a short distance away, has plenty of options for activities like rappling, trekking and camping with experts. You can make Niglahat your base camp and head out for treks to places like Pine Riviera, Munsiyari, Lilam, Mukteshwar and Ramgarh. Please note that some of the tougher treks will require a degree of fitness and experience.


4. Enjoy the various ‘taals’ of the region – The region is very famous for lakes in places like Nainital, Bhimtal, Saat Tal and Nachiketa Taal.


5. Visit the fruit orchards – Khairna, which is famous for its lush orchards in the backdrop of the Himalayan peaks, is a short drive of about 11 kilometres from Niglahat.

6. Visit an Ashram – A famous Ashram for Neem Karori Baba very close to the Niglahat. The ashram is filled with visitors from all walks of life and many nations. Stop here to have a look at the temples inside the ashram; the most famous of them is known as the ‘Kenchi’ Temple. Neem Karori Babaji is said to be one of the avataars of Hanuman, the monkey God.


7. Just relax – Enjoy the serene company of mountains and enjoy your stay amongst the lush green landscape with only the sounds of the birds chirping!

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