Things to do in Mysore

Replete with history, this erstwhile Kingdom of Tipu Sultan still promises a royal experience and the opportunity to relive the glorious past of Karnataka. If visiting the South of India, there are lots of things to do in Mysore! Starting from Bangalore, here’s what you can do on a weekend break in Mysore!

1. Roll into Mysore
If travelling from Bangalore, try the train to Mysore! Why? Because this is where you get to mingle with the spirit of the place – the co-travellers, the food vendors and the hustle-bustle is sure to give you a more intimate experience. There is a huge assortment of 21 trains that ply on the route for your convenience. It is also a better way to spend 3 hours in the train than on the road with more traffic!


2. Palace by Night
Predictably put but this one is sure to make your trip worthwhile. Incidentally Mysore is also called the ‘City of Palaces’, and houses one of the most famous monuments in India, after Taj Mahal. The 1912 structure built by the Wodeyars is a wonder made out of white marble, fine gray granite and deep pink granite. There is an entry fee to go inside and photography is prohibited, but you can get a picture from the outside. The palace is lit beautifully every night and is sight which is sure to be etched in your memory making it one of the top things to do in Mysore! Try and visit during the Dusherra festival in October when the King leads a parade on caparisoned elephants and the whole town comes alive with music and dance performances of Karnataka.


3. Market Mania at Devaraja
A photographer’s delight, the Mysore Devaraja market is heady mix of sound, smell and colours! Flowers, idols, street food, vegetables and more line the street. A treat for the lenses and senses, this one is great in the morning hours!


4. Filling Station
The famous Vinayaka Mylari is where you would want to be for breakfast or lunch. The set up is decades old and has a host of veteran go-ers who line up for crisp dosas and idlis each morning! You cannot get more authentic food, so add this to the list!


5. For the Artist in You
The royalty of Mysore was known to patronize many artists and local skills. Taking a leaf from the lineage, the town still imbibes a discretionary taste for art. This can be experiences at the Jayachamerajendra Art Gallery. Built in 1861, the gallery houses memorabilia from the past – rare instruments, Japanese art, paintings by Ravi Varma and regal artefacts.


6. Chamundeshwari Temple
One of the more noted places to see, Sri Chamundeshwari Temple sits atop the namesake Chamundi Hill at a height of over 1000 meters. It will easily take you half a day to visit and come back. Regular autorikshaws ply from the town or alternatively you can take the local bus or a cab.


7. Brindavan Gardens
This huge stretch of neatly manicured gardens with fountains provide a lush respite during the warm months in Mysore. The gardens are about half an hour away from the city.


8. Silk Factory
Mysore and the adjoining region is known was silk breeding and weaving. In fact, if you drive from Bangalore, you can see the silk worms on concentric mats being bred for silk making. A state run silk factory is open for visitors where you can also pick up saris and materials.


9. Rail Museum
Mysore can safely boast of an impressive collection of railway engines and more rail paraphernalia. The Rail museum is a good one for children for an educative and fun experience.


10. The Craft Museum
Mysore has an extensive University campus which also houses the Crafts Museum where a plethora of local art and craft is on display. While the Cauvery shop in town might be more suitable to shop for souvenirs, visit the museum to know more about the famous wooden inlay work and more.


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