Things to do in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur might not be the first place to come to mind when thinking about travel in India, but it is certainly one of the hidden gems of the state of Punjab.

With history dating back to 1809, the ‘city of mangoes’ is situated in the North East part of the state. Hoshiarpur is known to hoard ample Sikh history with notable Gurus and eminent people hailing from here. For Sikhs, some places are of historical relevance, but for most visitors, the luscious mangoes are the prime reason to visit. The summer months may be a little harsh for first time travellers to the North of India, but the warm hospitality and unassuming nature of the people here make this a lot easier. It’s important to note that the destination does not get too many foreign visitors, so it’s possible that they might be looked upon with singular fascination.


Here are some of the things to do in Hoshiarpur:

Hoshiarpur is known for housing one of the famous ‘Vipassana’ centres in India. Many people travel here to attend the ten or more days’ courses of meditation and way of living run by the Goenka Foundation. The lodging and boarding is very basic here. The idea is to abstain from any communication from the outside world and submerge in meditation. Come here for a cathartic holiday to Hoshiarpur!

Mango Mania 
The summers are the most difficult yet the most sumptuous time to visit Hoshiarpur. It is after all called the ‘city of mangoes’. Make a trip to one of the farm houses and enjoy the mango season thoroughly. Go with the locals to pick the fruit and see the process of selling or making some delicious products of the produce. Get your hands dirty to enjoy the reward after sweating out in the farms. The natural way of consuming the King of fruits is going to have you reaching out for water or wipes to clean the juices of your face! Visit the local market to see the bustling crowds busy themselves in the season.


Punjabi Food
The Punjabi food is known to be sinfully heavy but equally delicious. Go on a gastronomic journey trying all the local food – fried breads (parathas), enormous glasses of Lassi (a yogurt based drink) and sweets. Try the Maharaja Restaurant for some good vegetarian and non vegetarian food.


Visit Local Sights
Sight-seeing options are limited in Hoshiarpur. There is a fort by the name of ‘Kila Baroon’ and is situated at the Bajwara village. The fort was built by the King, Sher Shah Suri and was called Beju Babra Village when legendary king Akbar came to power. The main charm is exploring this small town and it’s friendly people.


Visit the city of Hoshiarpur for a taste of a small Indian town and some heart warming indulgence in food!

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