Things to do in Bhimtal: The small hillstation with a big heart

Mainly known as a destination for day tours Bhimtal is a quiet and comparatively lesser known hillstation in the district of Nainital. We explore six things to do in Bhimtal, a destination rich in warmth, peace and experiences.

1. In and around Bhimtal
Bhimtal is most famous for the Bhimtal Lake, which is the largest lake in the district of Nainital. The placid wonders of this lake are best discovered by boat but a walk around the lake’s perimeter is also a nice and quiet way to explore the region. The cool breeze and an almost perennially pleasant weather ensure that people can start as well as end their day with lovely long walks. People can be seen strolling along the lake at the crack of dawn and then heading out for a well-deserved breakfast. On the lake’s island one can find an enchanting aquarium, which recently replaced Bhimtal’s famous but overcrowded restaurant. At the aquarium you can see many species of fish from all over the world.


2. Historic visit
The privately owned museum in Bhimtal is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the region. Ancient artifacts, tools made of stone and objects of great historical value are on display at the musuem. You can also learn about traditional rites and rituals as well as see samples of the region’s rock art. Another great way of learning about the region is by interacting with homestay owners. As many locals have opened their homes to tourists, they have also provided outsiders the opportunity to experience the region in its most authentic and endearing form. Interacting with such hosts provides people with valuable insight into the local life and history. People here are filled with enchanting stories, which cannot be found in any institution of museum.

3. Trip to Nainital
Nainital is a popular hillstation located in Kumaon, which is famous for its innumerable activities and natural beauty. It is serene yet lively at the same time and has many activities for the whole family. Day tours from Bhimtal to Nainital are easily available and strongly recommended. Overnight stays at one of many CheersBye homestays can be easily arranged for discerning tourists who would like more than a day trip.


4. Trip to Naukuchia Tal
Located at a height of over 1,200 meters is the beautiful and languid Lake Naukuchia tal. The lake is just 4 kilometers from Bhimtal and cabs can be hired on the spot for a day or half-day tour. Naukuchiatal is a haven for bird watchers as it attracts countless migratory birds from across the world.  Other activities like boating and trekking are also poular things to do.

5. The land of seven lakes
Saat Taal (Seven Lakes), which quite poetically is located just 7 kilometers from Bhimtal is another quiet place to enjoy a day tour. Saat Taal was named after its seven lakes. Two out of the seven original lakes have dried up but the remaining five are vey popular with tourists. The lakes are rich with fish and are frequented by fishing enthusiasts.

6. Hills with the White Carpet
A short trip from Mallital will lead you the picturesque Snow View Point. The viewpoint is perched at 2270 meters above sea level and the journey can be undertaken by ropeway or on horseback. Both experiences have their own charm and once at the view point, visitors are greeted with panoramic vistas of majestic snow-clad mountains.


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Already been? Let us know what would be top of your things to do in Bhimtal list.

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    Hi ! Really its a well structured blog on Bhimtal truly describing its tourist potential which is concealed in some of its best places to visit. The pics are giving correct idea of the serenity and wilderness of its lakes enveloped in dense jungles.

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