Things to do in Bangalore to enjoy the best of this city

Bangalore is a young city but one that boasts a rich history. This paradox is reflected in many aspects of India’s Silicon Valley. We explore things to do in Bangalore to ensure you get a complete experience o fall it’s contrasts.

1. Hop on. Hop off
Cheap and comprehensive tours of the city are offered by KSTDC. These half-day and full-day tours cover Bangalore’s most important landmarks. Another full day tour called Bangalore Rounds is available to tourists for Rs. 250. But for people who prefer to have a more spontaneous tour of the city private cabs are readily available. All homestays can arrange such rides for a reasonable price with a guarantee of safety and efficient service.


2. Tour of temples
There are innumerable revered temples in Bangalore, prime amongst them are temples like the Bull Temple, which is built in Dravidian architecture. It is famous for the enormous statue of a bull that’s carved from one massive boulder. Located in Rajajinagar and in the midst of picturesque surroundings is the ISKCON Temple. The Krishna temple also serves as an important centre of vedic and spiritual learning.


3. Houses of meditation and spirituality
Bangalore is the hub of the Art of Living foundation. Their ashram attracts countless people from all across the world just like The Ramakrishna Ashram, located in Gandhi Bazaar. It is a vast sanctuary, which exudes peace and tranquillity. The Maha Bodhi Society Temple is another famous site for peace-seekers and meditation. The temple’s main shrine is a replica of Bodh Gaya’s revered stupa and houses precious Buddhist literature.

Art of Living

4. Monuments and historic sites
Bangalore is filled with examples of great architecture and rich history. Foremost amongst such sites are Bangalore’s Vidhana Sabha (The State’s Legislative House), Bangalore Palace and Tipu Sultan’s Palace. The Bangalore Palace was built by Mysore’s Maharajahs and was only recently opened to the public. The Palace has suffered due to years of neglect which is very evident. In contrast, we have Tipu Sultan’s Palace, which is over 220 years old and served as a lavish summer retreat for the king.


5. For the family
Cubbon Park is an enormous green oasis, which is spread in over 300 acres. It serves as a lovely picnic spot and has many recreation activities such as a children’s park, a toy train, a theatre and much more. Lal Bagh is another place where a family outing can be hosted. Built by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century, the sprawling garden is considered the most charming and romantic in the country. It has lovely lotus ponds, fountains, glass houses and historic stone formations. A recent addition to the city is the Lumbini Garden. Located along the Nagvara Lake, the park offers enjoyable activities such as boating, a wave pool and a children’s park. In Bangalore, one will also find the Wonder La Amusement Park, India’s largest amusement and water park. The park is home to many thrill and water rides as well as rain dance sections. Fire crackers and laser light shows in evening are a delight to watch.


6. Wildlife watch
The Bannerghatta National Park is a sanctuary where one can find wild animals like migrating elephants, bison, wild boar and if one is extremely lucky, the elusive leopard. The sanctuary is a refuge for rescued animals and also houses a crocodile farm and a butterfly park.


7. Nightcrawl
Bangalore is a young city and pubs, restaurants etc have become an integral part of its nightlife. Many upcoming local bands make their debut at the local pubs many of which are famous patrons of live music. Staying at a local homestay will help enormously in finding the latest, happening hotspot of activity.


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