Thekkady Things To Do: 6 Activities To Take Your Time With And Enjoy

With bigger and more popular cities on Kerala’s tourism map, Thekkady often gets overlooked – or visitors only consider the excellent Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

Yet there are more things to do and see in Thekkady.

Here we bring you six suggestions to help you make the most of this peaceful and picturesque city.

1. Find sanctuary in Periyar

Undoubtedly the most fascinating thing in Thekkady is the Periyar wildlife sanctuary and clearly you must visit it. This is a sprawling place and a favourite of photographers due to its unique landscape. It’s truly unlike any other sanctuary you will find in the world. The best way to navigate the sanctuary is by boat, and you can even rent bamboo rafts to explore it. Meandering across the sanctuary’s lake you’ll be in the company of large huge herds of elephants. Camping is allowed inside the sanctuary and is a great way to spend a night.


2. Witness divine beauty

One of the most famous temples near Thekkady is the Mangla Devi temple. The ancient temple is nestled between thick forests and is perched at an altitude of over 1,300 meters. The temple is a great example of ancient and traditional Keralite architecture. However, people are only allowed to visit the temple during an important local festival. Other than paying respects at the Mangla Devi temple one can also enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. The location of the area allows you to enjoy stunning views of the majestic ghats as well as of the unending plains of the neighbouring state. Prior permission to visit the area is also required – ask your homestay host to help you arrange this, they’ll be happy to assist.

Thekkady-Mangala Devi Temple-1

3. Stock up on spicy souvenirs

Kumily is a small plantation town. It’s located on Periyar’s outskirts. You can visit it and enjoy some downtime, as well as take advantage of the fact that this is an important spice trade centre. Another great place to purchase spices and fresh coffee is Murikkady, just five kilometers from Thekkady and a place where the air is filled with the enchanting aroma of fresh spices.


4. Have a picturesque picnic

A short drive from Kumily is Pandikuzhi, a picture-perfect town valued for its sleepy ambiance as well as peaceful picnic spots. It’s a haven for trekkers and its pristine, natural beauty is almost guaranteed to bring out the photographer in you.


5. Experience some Ayurveda

The state is famous for its signature Kerala Massage. But due to the deluge in tourism, a number of unreliable massage centers have also sprung up, making it difficult for the visitor to filter out and find the genuine ones. To avoid having a distasteful encounter we suggest you take the advice of your homestay owner, and that also applies when choosing tours, tour guides and taxi drivers. Staying in a homestay is the best way to ensure that you aren’t mislead by people for money. Homestay owners are on your side, providing reliable and honest advice; they will direct you to a genuine massage centre.


6. Book a family feast

Kerala, much like the other states of India, has its own regional and signature flavor.  To enjoy the local cuisine you must skip the hotels and their homogenous menus. The true flavor of Kerala lies in the homes. The dishes served in homestays are unforgettably delicious and the seafood is incomparable. The homes will serve you one divine dish after the other and even provide cooking lessons to those interested.


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