The top five family destinations in India

Family holidays are a great opportunity to spend time together and India is a great destination for travelling together as a family. India offers plenty of activities to keep younger members of the family entertained, as well as lots of history and culture to provide a great learning experience. Here are our top five family destinations in India.

1. Delhi – The national capital is often seen as an airport base for further travels. However the capital region itself has enough for the young ones to devour and learn tremendously. Museums, galleries, monuments and festivals provide an impressive array of activities to fill your days creatively.

2. Uttaranchal – Children are getting increasingly interested in camping and trekking with the advent of internet use and social media forums. Try the lush green regions of Uttaranchal to explore the adventurous side of the family. Lower Himalayan regions like Pangot provide the perfect backdrop for some easy hikes and a foray into camping tips and outdoor activities. It’s also a great way to encourage children to lead or take responsibility. With Jim Corbett National Park in the vicinity it is also a good idea to see the forest at a close call.


3. Rajasthan –An interest in history sometimes needs to be inculcated in children and there is no better way to showcase the best of India, other than a trip to Rajasthan. Culturally vibrant, there is a tremendous amount of opportunities to show them forts and palaces. A desert camp with local interaction and orientation in folk dances and music is also a good idea to enjoy as a family.

4. Goa – Though Goa is often perceived as a backpacking or youth destination owing to its hippy traces, it is also a great place for the family to have a break. The sea is a great entertainer for kids and they can spend hours there, swimming, water sports, paragliding or the traditional activity of building castles. Have a safe and supervised trip to the beach, or cross the Mandovi in a local cruise. The Goa Carnival is a great time to take children, when the floats line the Panjim streets and the whole city is drowned in a splash of colour and fun.

5. Nilgiris – If your are heading South with your family, enjoy the Bangalore – Bandipur – Ooty and Coonoor route with multiple options to keep the kids fascinated and engaged in the trip. A trip into the vast jungle of Bandipur and then head towards the Nilgiris to enjoy the toy train in Ooty and cheese farms & tea estates of Coonoor. Get the children to join in the tea picking activity and make a trip to the tea factory to show them how it’s processed.


Homestays are a particularly good option for families with children as many hosts have children, the younger members of the group will often have company to play with. Homestay hosts with their own children value the presence of exuberant youngsters and welcome them with open arms. Check out our family friendly homestay collection.

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