The most famous temples in India

There are so many temples in India to that it can be overwhelming when you are planning a trip. Discover the most famous temples in India you won’t want to miss.

1. Khajuraho temples, Khajuraho: Khajuraho temples are a UNESCO world heritage site located in Madhya Pradesh, India. The site draws millions of visitors from across the world who are fascinated by the temples’ erotic and intricate carvings. Unbeknownst to most people, there are actually three temple complexes in Khajuraho – the Western, the Southern and the Eastern. The main complex is the Western complex where temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Laxmana stand stoic and proud. Less than 2 kilometers away are the other two sections, where you can also see many temples dedicated to Jain teerthankaras.


2. Bahaii temple and Akshardham, Delhi: Baha’I Temple – Also known as the Lotus Temple due to its shape this Buddhist shrine is as valued for its religious importance as for its architecture. The serene temple looks like a giant white lotus and is surrounded by quiet parks where people can sit and relax. It is a great place for meditation, self-examination and prayer. But it is also a popular tourist spot and many excursions from schools are arranged to the temple. Schoolchildren in their bright uniforms are seen exploring the grounds all year round. It is important to maintain decorum inside as it is, above all, a house of worship and meditation. Akshardham temple is one of the grandest in India. It is not just a holy spot but one that’ visited by many families for a fun yet educational experience. A short film including a boat ride tells people an important religious story.


3. Golden temple, Amritsar, Punjab: One of the most glorious destinations in Punjab is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The temple is holy to Sikhs but is visited by millions of people belonging to various religions. People from all walks of life come here to pray and volunteer to help clean, cook and serve the devotees. It is one of the most immaculately maintained and serene temples in India.


4. Soni ji ki Nasiyan, Ajmer: This complex houses a divine gold-plated recreation of the “Kingdom of God” as conceived by Jain fables. The intricate work and detailing in this “Golden City” are simply astonishing. Connected to this hall is a temple that’s astonishingly beautiful. There is colourful mirror-work all around and the statues look serene and lifelike.


5. Brahma temple, Pushkar: The city that is famous for its annual fair as well its boho spirit is also home to the world’s only Brahma temple. Legend has it that Lord Brahma (The God of Creation) was cursed by his wife when he tried to marry another woman. The curse confined him to having just one temple in the whole world.


6. Jag Mandir, Udaipur: Boats that take you to Jag mandir and around the lake it sits on, Lake Pichola, are available every hour. The temple sits near the Jag Niwas Island and the famous Lake Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola. The lovely boat-ride on Lake Pichola is the only way to reach it. More than its religious or spiritual value it is the Mandir’s picturesque setting that draws people. It has been the site of many celebrity weddings.


7. Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu: Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station. It is popular amongst families and young couples who are looking for a quiet getaway or simply escaping from Rajasthan’s scorching sun. It is located near Udaipur where you will find the stunning Dilwara temple. These are Jain temples, which are called some of the best in India. Day tours to the hill station from Udaipur are easily available.


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