The Beaches of Konkan

Guest blogger Rajaram shares his photos and experiences of the beautiful Konkan beaches of Kashid, Murud and Akshi.


The Konkan beaches are something straight out of fantasy for the inland dweller and it was no different for me, living in Pune. For my colleagues at work, any free weekend meant a drive to one of the numerous beaches on the western coast. I too went on one such journey on a cool winter weekend.

I didn’t want to drive far and spend my energy on the travel rather than at the destination. So, the stretch starting from the south of Alibaug until Murud beach was shortlisted for the trip. I was advised to skip Alibaug as it is almost always crowded and not the cleanest of beaches.

If you start on the coastal road going south from Alibaug, everyone would point to Kashid as the “next” touristy place, but there are some interesting detours on the way. Around 5 kms south of Alibaug, is a small village Akshi. If you drive into the village from the main road for around 3-4 kms, you hit Akshi beach, an unspolt beach hidden away from touristy eye. Soft clean sand and a shallow tide make the experience ethereal.


If you continue south and if you have a keen eye, you would notice that you are actually driving by the walls of an old fort. This is the Revdanda fort. You can also take a detour to the Korlai fort which juts out into the sea.

After you cross the bridge from Revdanda further south, taking the westward road will take you towards Kashid. Kashid beach, though the most popular in this area, is pretty clean. The soft white sand is quite cool even in the heat of the noon. You can spend a lot of time at Kashid, as there are many kinds of water sports e.g. Jet-Ski and banana boat, available here. You can also try the sand buggy or some parasailing. If you have the time and interest, you can visit the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary just next to the beach. This sanctuary is good for bird-watching, though the guides tell you that there are leopards supposed to be in there.


Going further will take you to Murud, a small town referenced as Janjira Murud to distinguish it from another Murud 50 kms further south. Murud, in contrast to Kashid, has black sand, almost a volcanic feel to it.

Five kms from Murud is the village of Rajapuri, the base village for the Janjira fort, which of course, is to be shortlisted for the next trip.

About the guest blogger: Rajaram S, a software engineer by profession, lives in Pune with his wife and 3 yr old daughter. He loves travelling with family and friends and this passion of travel and photography is reflected in his blog Places near Pune. He hopes that the details he provides on his blog will help everyone plan the perfect weekend!

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