Small Village, Grand Experience : 8 Incredible Things To Do In Kewzing – Sikkim’s Little Gem

Kewzing might not be on most tourists’ itinerary but that’s what adds to its charm. Gracious people, untouched scenery and an experience of a lifetime. We bring you nine things to do in Kewzing that live long in your mind after you leave.

1. Trekking Kewzing seems to have jumped out of an artist’s canvas, such is its picturesque, placid beauty. The best way to experience this bounty of nature is by trekking it. Armed with a good pair of shoes and with a friendly local guide you can trek to the local monastery, through the cardamom fields and along the village, as he enlightens you about the village’s history and culture.


2. Festivals are an integral part of the Sikkimese culture. Celebrations are ongoing, almost all year round, throughout the state, and Kewzing is no exception. Festivals are celebrated here with great vigor and joy. Guests are encouraged to join in the festivities. Special cultural programs, which include music and dancing, are enthusiastically organised for those guests who have the misfortune of missing the festival season. 


3. Organic Food Most homes in Kewzing grow organic vegetables in their fields, which are unbelievably fresh and juicy. They redefine what organic food is supposed to be like and almost ruin the food experienced in big cities. With a little help and guidance from your hosts you can learn how to turn these delicious vegetables into remarkable dishes using a clay stove. A true pleasure for those who appreciate the rare and exotic, because these recipes are rarely found in a cookbook.


4. Local Drinks Sikkim is known for its unique locally produced wines, beers and spirits. While bars in the city stock beer brands like Hit and Dansberg, in the countryside one can savor brands like Roxy. But in Kewzing, most homes produce their own homemade millet-based drinks that have a distinct and rich flavor. They have to be tried. 


5. Hot Stone Baths: Imagine being surrounded by mountains and soaking in a traditional hot-stone, open-air herbal bath. This relaxing and curative bath is arranged for guests every winter and allows them to laze in a hot water while cloaked above by the nippy air of Kewzing’s winter.


6. Village Life : A typical day in a local’s life involves getting up at the crack of dawn to the milk the cow, feed the animals, tend to the fields and pick fresh vegetables to prepare for meals. Villagers realise that partaking in these activities is a novelty for most visitors, so if you’re staying in a Homestay your host will be happy to include you in these errands, teaching you their ways.


7. Photography : The idyllic and enigmatic surroundings of Kewzing are almost custom-made for budding as well as professional photographers. The sunsets, sunrises, vibrant hues of green and ever-smiling people are inspiration to start clicking away.


8. Nothing Do nothing : In today’s world, where it’s hard to know when or how to stop, doing nothing has become a luxury. And a Homestay  in the company of a hot cup of chai is perhaps the perfect place to do that.

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