Shopping in Trivandrum

Apart from its famous backwaters, cultural insights and great food, Kerala also represents a unique and colourful part of the country, which is depicted in many of the trinkets and fabrics from the state. If you are looking to buy some souvenirs or just to treat yourself then make sure you go shopping in Trivandrum, the capital city. There is a great selection of goods to fill your bags with!


Here are our five favourite places to go shopping in Trivandrum.

1. D.C Books

You always need books for company while travelling. The Kerala bred book store brand D.C Books has a decent stock of western and Indian English literature. The brand also focuses on Malayalam (local) literature. Saunter in and spend time browsing through the easy ambience and choose books at your own pace. You will find it in Statue Road. Visit their website for more details.


2. Sanker’s Coffee and Tea Shop

Hot beverages like tea and coffee are deep rooted in Kerala culture. With many varieties produced in the state some tea or coffee makes a great souvenir to take home. A good place to head is the one stop Sanker’s Coffee and Tea Shop for both tea and coffee from the Nilgiris region of Western Ghats. Since there are many varieties, a little advice on what to choose will not hurt. The folks at Sanker’s can help you out, keeping in mind your budget. You will find it in MG Road, open 9am – 9pm Mon – Sat.


3. SMSM Institute 

Coir, bamboo and coconut based handicrafts are very popular in Kerala. You can get a reasonably priced selection of curious from this government owned emporium in YMCA Road. It has plenty of choice to browse though and some unusual selections you won’t find elsewhere.


4. Kasuva Kada for Saris

Known for its traditional hand woven saris, Kasavu Kada is your best bet for some sari shopping. The owners belong to a small weaving village called Balaramapuram, which has now emerged as an important weaving centre in the state. The creations in this shop are going to be quite unique and not run of the mill like some other south Indian sari shops.


5. Connemara Market

This may not be a predictable shopping haunt for travellers, but certainly a great one for those looking for photo-opportunities. The market in MG Road is abuzz with clothes, spices, vegetables, fruits and enthusiastic ladies. Stroll around the market to get a taste of a local experience.


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