Places to see in North Goa

Being the smallest state in India does not stop Goa from being one of the most vibrant destinations. Apart from being the perfect getaway for a tan, Goa offers plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Indian culture as well as an impressive 101 kilometres coastline.

North Goa is definitely the more energetic part of the state. You can find both serene beaches and those filled with activities – there is an option to do both. Here are some of the places to see in North Goa.

1. The Lonely Beaches of Goa: When you think of the northern most tip of Goa, think flat subtle coastline, long stretches of nothingness and the clear warm days. Ashwem, Arambol (pictured below) and Morjim beaches on the northern most part of the coastline give you just that experience. There are many shacks that provide great food, sun bathing chairs, make shift shades and a constant supply of your favourite beverage. A great way to spend the days lethargically!


2. Bursting with energy: The most popular belt of the Goa beaches also lies in the North – Baga (pictured above), Candolim, Anjuna & Calangute. It’s a favourite with foodies, those who like to shake a leg in the clubs and ofcourse the shoppers. The beaches are abuzz with tourists, packed in shacks which offer great food and music. The long stretch of beaches from Candolim to Baga is great to see the effervescent tourist culture of Goa in the travel heavy months.

3. Shopping: The flea markets of Goa are the one you should be scouring if you have an exclusive taste in fashion. The hippie culture runs strong in these flea markets that are organised during the heavy travel season on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Anjuna (pictured below), Ingo’s and Macky’s are the popular flea markets to pick up interesting curios, clothes and bric-a-bracs and a must on your places to visit in North Goa list!

north-goa-anjuna-flea-market copy

4. The Mapusa Market: Unfortunately a lot of indigenous Goa gets lost in the tourist crowds. If you want a slice of real Goa, visit the bursting Mapusa market on a Sunday and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of vegetables, colourful clothes, slippers and the huge meat market. A great place for photo-opportunities; this is going to give you a real taste of Goan culture. Many locals travel from far distances to shop and sell their wares in this weekly market.

5. Bicholim: Bicholim is the heart of the Goan pottery. Almost muddy with red brown soil, this is a great place to give the kids an education on the local pottery scene. You can also pick up some hand-made objects and interact with the potters themselves. Bicholim’s landscape is dotted with lakes and waterfalls. The serene Mayem lake (pictured below) is a great nature spot where you can enjoy boating making it a great place to see in North Goa.


Mix your stay in North Goa with beachside activities and also a bit of the authentic local culture to get a complete Indian experience.

If you would like to visit these places in North Goa contact our reservations team who will be happy to help you with your plans. You can also check out our homestay collection.

Many thanks to the photographers who share their images under the Creative Commons licence.

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