Places in Yercaud

Weekend destinations provide that timely respite from hectic schedules at work! Yercaud is one such destination which serves this purpose both from cities like Bangalore and Chennai. It is a small hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu and one of the few top spots for a summer break.


Located in the Shevaroys range of hills of the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud boasts of an altitude of almost 5000 ft above sea level! It is known as the jewel of the South. Yercaud provides plenty of relaxing and adventure activities given its vast forest cover and abundance of flora and fauna.

Some of the places in Yercaud to see:

1. Boating in the Yercaud Lake – The centre of the lake is adorned by a lake which is a fascinating spot for children. One can do boating in the evenings or just take a walk around it. The pleasant weather adds to the charm.

2. The National Orchidarium and Botanical Garden – Both a learning and tourist experience, the Orchidarium was established in 1963 and is home to more than 4000 species of plants.

3. Lady’s Seat – A wonderful viewing point, the Lady’s seat provides wonderful sights of the plains below and is great for sun rise and sun sets.

4. Silk Farm – Not too far from the Lady’s Seat, a silk worm unit is open to visitors to see the entire process of silk making. Worms are bred on mulberry bushes and then taken through the process of spinning and weaving.


5. Hiking Trails – Given the proximity of nature and meandering trails in the region, one can go for short hikes with a local guide.

6. Fairholme Cottage – An old colonial bungalow which has been converted into a heritage hotel is also popular with the tourists to make a short stop.

7. The Servaroyan Temple – This is the highest point on the Shevaroy hills and is dedicated to Lord Servaroyan. There is an annual festival held in the month of May here.


8. Heaven’s Ledge – Aptly named Heaven’s Ledge, a scenic cliff stands atop the Gowri Estate and provides ethereal views of the valley below. The place also has camping options and is pleasantly out of the main town, almost 15 kms from the outskirts.

9. The Grange – Presumably the oldest building in Yercaud, this was built in 1820 as a summer resort for Robert Clive, a general in the East India Company.

10. Killiyur Falls – An impressive 90-foot (27 m)-high waterfall, Killiyur, makes for a fun picnic spot near Yercaud. One can pack a snack and some board games to spend a day near the falls.


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