Our Top Three in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Dutch bloggers Claudia and Freek share their highlights of Jaipur in Rajasthan with us. We are Claudia and Freek from the Netherlands. We are on a around the world trip with since September 2011 and we’re not thinking about going home yet. After travelling in Asia and New Zealand for over nine months, we landed in India. We started our India trip in New Delhi and on the next day we took the train to Jaipur, Rajasthan. We could not stop looking out of the windows. Everything was so new to us and we quietly watched the scenery passing by. After five hours we arrived in Jaipur. We quickly dropped our bags in our hotel and we took a tuktuk to the city centre. We immediately fell in love with the Pink City. We walked around the beautiful buildings, had great food en simply enjoyed the chaos in the centre. Today we’d love to share our Top 3 in and around this city.

1. Amber Fort 

This imposing fort is situated just outside the city. The outside looks amazing and you can easily spend an hour just looking at the great fort. After that, we went inside and enjoyed the different parts of the fort. The views are great and it’s great fun to wander around the small corridors.


2. City Palace

The highlight of walking around in the old city was the City Palace. We simply loved wandering around the beautiful buildings and gardens.


3. Raj Mandir Cinema

Jaipur is more than forts and palaces. After three days of sightseeing we needed a bit of relaxation. We have always loved Bollywood movies and therefore we decided to escape the afternoon heath in the huge pink cinema: Raj Mandir Cinema. This cinema looks like a big pink cake and that makes it a great place to see a Hindi movie. This was our first experience with seeing a Hindi movie in India and we had a great time.

raj mandir

Getting to know Jaipur was a great experience. What is your favourite part of the Pink City?

About the guest bloggers: Claudia and Freek are two Dutch world travellers and bloggers for www.backpackgek.nl (meaning crazy about backpacking in Dutch). They quit their jobs and left their apartment in Amsterdam for the big dream: a world trip crossing the seven continents.

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