National Parks of India – Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve

Periyar is a protected area in the South Indian State of Kerala. Part of this protected area has been made into Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve, a peaceful destination to discover India’s wildlife.

The sanctuary surrounds picturesque Periyar lake, formed by the building of Mullaperiyar Dam in 1895. The reservoir and the Periyar River are the primary source of water for the plentiful local wildlife which includes 62 different kinds of mammal. Today, the Periyar is divided into two divisions; Periyar East and West.


Where is it?
This a nature reserve in Kerala. It is set in the Western Ghats along Tamil Nadu. The core area, ranging to about 350 kms square is what is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is at times called ‘Thekkady’ due to the place where it is located, which is 120 km from Kochi.

What is special about it?

Periyar is unlike any other reserve. It’s unique scenic beauty makes it a haven for photographers, both professionals and amateurs. A cruise takes you on a journey across the reservoir, which affords you priceless vistas and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Languidly walking herd of elephants, swimming hogs and many more breathtaking wildlife moments are seen often.

Although the reserve is home to one of India’s largest Tiger populations they are only very rarely spotted.



Other than a reservoir cruise, people can stay the night in camps, go on nature walks, rafting trips and more. Ayurvedic massage clinics are never far away, perfect for relaxing after a long hike.


Where to stay?

Just outside the bustling centre of Kumily, Homestay close to tiger reserve with panoramic views.  is a suavely modern and immaculate house with a sense of rural seclusion. Also, Click to view other homestays near Tiger Reserve.

If you are interested in visiting Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve yourself then our reservations team can help you plan a trip based on your interests.

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