National Parks of India – Dachigam National Park

The Northern most state of India is by far one of the most mesmerising in terms of its natural wonders. A mixture of of cold desert, verdant hills and the Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir is truly a travellers delight.

Amongst many other things to see in J & K, try the Dachigam National Park, just 22 kilometres from Srinagar, the capital of the state.

Spanning a lifetime of over 100 years and an impressive coverage of 141 sq kms, Dachigam can be translated into meaning ‘ten villages’. With the mighty Himalayas as the backdrop of the National Park, the park is not only rich in flora and fauna but also makes a great place to just take in the varied landscapes of the region.

The terrain of the park ranges from grasslands to cliffs, making it uneven and exciting to traverse. Even amongst the flora, the forest is a mix of coniferous trees and grassy meadows. The forest opens out into the famous Marsar Lake which is the starting point of the Dagwan River. The river flows through a large part of the forest and is famous for its population of trout.


Wildlife: Where animal sightings are concerned, be prepared to look out for the famous endangered Hangul, or Kashmir stag. The Himalayan black bear, grey langur, weasel, jungle cat, musk deer, the elusive leopard, fox, marmot and musk deer are seen in plenty. The park also has a notable population of birds.

The national park makes for a good weekend getaway or day trip from Srinagar. It also gives you the opportunity to see the wide array of natural delights in the region without having to travel a large distance. Great for photography and wildlife enthusiasts, this is highly recommended. Try and explore this wonderful National Park on foot with a guide to get the best experience.

Timings: The Park is opened between 5.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m.

Fees: There are no fees to enter the park. However, the rules are subject to change, so please find out earlier.

Best Season: Dachigam cannot be visited during the winters due to heavy snow and windy climate. The best time to go is during the summers.

Stay: There are two forest guest houses inside the park where one can stay with prior permission. The park is easily visited as a day trip from Srinagar.

If you are interested in visiting Dachigam National Park, then our reservations team can help you plan a trip based on your interests.

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