Meet the Hosts – Kewzing Village Community

The communal homestay of Kewzing village near Gangtok, Sikkim is not just unique it’s extraordinary. People here live as a unit and care for each other in a way, fellow urban-dwellers have simply forgotten. Here is what makes Kewzing so very special and unforgettable.

The People
There are about 12 homes in this self-sufficient village, all filled with the most big-hearted people you might ever meet. Their needs and life are simple. Profit margins, commissions and such repulsive corporate buzzwords do not exit for them. They live in a land free from commercialization and are wonderfully free from the stress it brings. A simple example of this is that you will never see an orphan in and around Kewzing. Whenever, tragedy falls on a family or child, he or she is adopted by one of the more well to do families.


The community
The village operates the communal homestay to bring prosperity to every family. No one is favoured above another. Tourism is used to supplement the income of the families, provide employment to the youth, and even support the village monastery. A big portion of the income generated is used to preserve the nature of the region. Eco-friendly practices are employed heavily in everyday life.

The Homes
“Village” is a bit of a misnomer when describing Kewzing because the homes are large with many rooms and facilities. Each home has its own cattle, poultry and a field, the size of which varies from home to home. One doesn’t know food is meant to taste like till one has tasted the organically produced vegetables of Kewzing. The taste of every bite will stay with visitors long after they leave.


All this speaks volumes about the people who make Kewzing a gem that cannot be missed and will never be forgotten. Find out more about things to do in Kewzing.

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