Matheran, a hill station near Mumbai

Matheran is a hill station just two hours away from Mumbai.

Developed by Britons, this small town has everything in place. It has hotels both with quaint and modern feel, a library for book lovers, a market, railway station, and only horses & rickshaws for commuting. Yes, you guessed it right. Any type of vehicle including bicycle, is not allowed on this hill settlement to keep it pollution free.


The name Matheran means ‘Jungle Head’, or ‘Forest on Top.’ Surrounding hills provide amazing views from Matheran. It is a heaven for nature lovers. With many trekking routes, view points, a lake and jungles it attracts all kind of tourists and travellers.


It is a perfect place to chill out in lazy summers.

But more than anything else what excites me is the toy train which is an attraction in itself for the visitors of Matheran. It is one of the four toy trains in India. Due to the steep slope, it takes around 90 minutes to cover the distance of 20 kilometers. The scenery changes from grassy slopes to shady tree covered hills.


Matheran’s is also famous for leather goods. Every other shop sells things like handbags, footwear, belts, wallets etc and at times it is hard to ignore them.

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