Leopard spotting safari in Rajasthan

Leopards are famous for their ability to go undetected so a wildlife encounter with one of these graceful big cats is a rare and exciting moment. Known for having secretive habitats they are agile climbers and one might be watching you, hidden in the trees, without you even knowing its there.


It takes more than luck to spot one of these elusive creatures, you will need a skilled guide who knows where to find one.

300 years fort best for leopard spotting is a beautiful heritage Haveli. The cream white walls of the castle standing taller than the village houses around, give a beautiful panoramic view of the village and rocky hills around.


Waking up in the morning to the chorus of birds, in the carved wooden bed of a royal Haveli room takes you back to relive the charm of age old Indian royalty.


During your morning and evening safaris it isn’t just leopards you will be spotting. Bluebull, Crocodile, Hyena, Pelican, Greylag Goose, Robin Accentor, Demoiselle Crane, Barheaded Goose and Indian Partridge can all be found in their natural habitat making this trip a wildlife photographer’s dream.


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