Indian Festivals in December

If you are travelling around India in December there are plenty of festivals and events to get you in a celebratory mood. With dancing, music and crafts you will find plenty happening in all of the most popular travel destinations. Here is a guide to some of the best Indian festivals in December.

New Years & Christmas
Certainly the most popular events of the holiday season, India is a popular destination for a holiday in this time with the weather at it’s best. Places like Goa and Kerala are booked well in advance. Both these destinations have a robust Christian community so one is not too far from local celebrations, albeit a little different from other countries. Nevertheless it’s a great time to explore the sunny beaches or backwaters, as the case maybe.


Nagaland Hornbill Festival 
The eastern edge of India is in the midst of an electrifying milieu of culture, dance, food and tradition. Nagaland celebrates the Hornbill Festival from 1st to 7th December each year. The festival is a convergence of all 18 tribes of the state coming together to showcase their unique culture. This event is fast becoming the hottest photography destination. Look out for some photography groups who can lead you for this spectacular event.


Rann Utsav
The music and dance festivals of Western India are known for their vibrancy in colour and cultural energy. The otherwise arid state of Gujarat breaks into a magnificent extravaganza in the second week of December in the Rann Utsav. Folk dances, traditional music and handicrafts are made accessible by the government, by providing luxury tents to accommodate the visitors. Ensure that you are booked well in advance.


Madras Music Season 
Still holding onto its authentic character with great tenacity, is the Chennai Music Festival which starts in December and goes onto January. The great Indian stalwarts of classical music showcase their mettle in numerous concerts that are held in the city. A fabulous option to get acquainted with Indian classical music, one can choose to make a quick trip from Bangalore for one of the weekends. Opt for season passes or single concert passes weeks in advance.


Mamallapuram Indian Dance Festival
Not far from the city of Chennai, the small coastal town of Mamallapuram also hosts the Indian Dance Festival in the month of December. This has gained popularity in the last few years, with people thronging by the shore temples to see the extravaganza unfold in such an exotic backdrop. This is approximately held from 25th December to 25th January every year.


Shilpgram Art and Craft Fair
Being one of the best seasons to visit Rajasthan, many cities host small festivals and fairs to give the visitors a more authentic perspective of their culture. This festival includes more than 400 artisans coming together to showcase their handicrafts, Folk dances and cultural programs. The fair is held in the city of Udaipur.


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