Indian Festivals in August

If you are planning a mid-year break, don’t miss the opportunity to experience some fantastic events or festivals spread across the country. There are plenty of Indian festivals in August to include in your travel plans. These high energy and colourful events give you the opportunity to experience India at its best.

Snake Boat Races in Kerala

Head to a rain dotted Kerala to explore the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey. All set for the biggest battle on the serene Punnamada Lake, this month greets you with the biggest snake boat race festival on the second Saturday. A spectacle which should be on your ‘must do’ in India, it is a brilliant display of sweat, sinew and determination. You can stay in a homestay in Alleppey for an opportunity to get up close to the behind the scenes action as well.


Teej Festival in Jaipur

Heading north in August? Get your fineries together and join in the festivities of the traditional Teej Festival in the royal city of Jaipur. Swings are hung from trees and are decorated with garlands of flowers in celebration of the the monsoon. This festival is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati who is worshipped by seekers of conjugal bliss and happiness and an elaborate procession passes through Jaipur.

Teej festival

Monsoon Festival in Delhi

A contemporary festival which has taken the capital city of India, Delhi, by the storm is, the Monsoon Festival. Organised by Red Earth, it hits a nerve for those seeking cultural stimulation from the vastly rich city. Visual arts, dance, music, theatre, heritage walks, workshops and flea markets are structured to bring the forgotten traditional practices into mainstream recognition. The monsoon festival attracts a wide majority of expats and foreign visitors who want to discover the hidden treasures of Delhi amidst contemporary India. The festival happens all over town.

i in Maharashtra

Most festivals in India have a religious connotation to them and this one brings the communities together with the fun and frolic attached to it. Janashmati is celebrated with colossal zest in the state of Maharashtra. You can see the human pyramids to break a high hung mud pot in small localities. The energy in the towns is high and it’s easily overwhelming.


Other Indian Festivals in August

Some of the other festivals which occur in August are the Gogamedi fair in Rajasthan, a snake festival called Jhapan Mela in West Bengal and the brother-sister festival of rakhi. Add a twist to your itinerary by adding any of these and get a real taste of India beyond the usual itineraries.


If you would like to join in with some Indian festivals in August yourself contact our reservations team who will be happy to help you plan a trip.

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