Indian Festivals in April

As the winter recedes and India shakes itself up to warmer and longer days, it is also time to enjoy the events and festivals lined up in the month of April. For the cricket frenzied nation, India’s most popular event IPL graces the audience which much action lined up for the entire month. Don’t be surprised to see the nation come to a standstill for an interesting match. For those who want a break from the cricket mania enjoy the traditional festivals spread across the nation.

IPL – The Indian Premier League (Cricket) starts on April this year and brings the promise of some exciting matches in the 20 over format. Make some new friends or enjoy matches with existing ones in a pub and get soaked into the cricket crazy energy of the nation. Enjoy these all over the country. See the schedules to see if you can catch a live match in any of the cities. You will have to book up front for this.

Baisakhi – The harvest festival of Baisakhi is one of the most vibrant festivals of the north Indian state of Punjab. It is celebrated amidst much dancing, singing and feasting. Local carnivals are organised in villages. The bigger celebrations can be seen in cities like Amritsar outside the Golden Temple.


Good Friday – The culmination of Lent and commemoration of the crucifixion of Christ is celebrated amongst the Christian dominated areas in the country. A good place to visit to join in the festivities is a place like Goa. Catholics gather in the Panjim Church for some sombre masses. Long processions line the city during the day.

Tulip Festival – It’s a haven for horticulture enthusiasts! Kashmir celebrates the Tulip Festival in the capital of Srinagar, home to the largest Tulip garden in Asia. This festival sees many travellers enjoying the festivities of local dances, Kashmiri food and music in the backdrop of Tulips.

tulip festival

Lamayuru Festival in Leh – Sacred mask dances performed amidst rituals and a huge local patronage can be seen during the Lamayuru Festival in Leh. You have to take a flight to the region during this period as overland travel isn’t an option but the serene backdrop of the mountains for this traditional monastery festival is worth the trip. You will also avoid the busy travel season of summer and are likely to have more interaction with the locals in their natural habitat.


If you would like to join in with some Indian festivals in April yourself contact our reservations team who will be happy to help you plan a trip.

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