Homestays offer responsible tourism in India

To encourage responsible tourism in India, CheersBye Homestays has initiated many programs that a large number of homestays have incorporated. Through their teachings and methods homestays and travellers can have positive and lasting impact on the environment while boosting the regional socio-economic conditions.


Most homestays in India have lush gardens, which are made without artificial landscaping and maintained using organic fertilizers. Native plants adaptable to the natural environment are planted. Often biogas plans are part of the homestay, particularly those which are large in size. Biodegradable waste such as leaves are made into compost and not burned and alternative energy sources like solar power are tapped by homestays. When exploring the surrounding areas guests are encouraged to opt for village walks, cycling and canoe rides.


For cooking, many homestays use organic farm products from the garden or from local farmers. To reduce the electricity consumption homestays use CFL Lamps and well maintained home appliances.


All employees at homestays are locals. Even people who aren’t directly employed by homestays like youth who serve as guides and taxi drivers receive a healthy supplement to their income. Seasonal employment is also catapulted by homestays that usually double their staff during peak seasons. The homestay kitchen requirements are fulfilled by the local market or by the homestay itself.


Activities such as dance recitals, canoe rides, clam picking are offered to guests. These activities not only generate extra income for locals but also help them showcase their traditional skills and knowledge. Many dying art forms and traditions have found a new lease on life through tourism.


Local artists get the chance to enhance their skills and make them more global by interacting with artists from other countries.

If you would like to find out more about responsible tourism and the homestay experience please get in touch or browse the CheersBye Homestay collection.

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      Thank you for liking the post. It is very close to our heart to be able to support local communities and bring travellers and host from around the world together. If you are travelling in India we would be glad to help.

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