Homestay activities: Plantation tours

Plantations in India are usually synonymous with high ceiling colonial bungalows, sprawling acres of lush greenery and an opportunity to escape city life. No wonder staying in plantation homes is the latest holiday trend. Join the workers during picking season for a unique first-hand experience of plantation life.


Where in India

The Western Ghats of South India, especially the Nilgiris range of mountains has extensive plantations of various produce. North Kerala & Coorg are famous for coffee & spice plantations, while places like Coonoor in Tamil Nadu and Munnar in Kerala constitute of rolling hills of neatly lined tea bushes. 



Planning a holiday in the plantation during the picking season? Pack some old shoes and clothes to rough it out on the field. Picking coffee or tea is quite a skill. Get a first-hand experience with the workers of the plantations to know what goes behind the scenes. This is a great activity for the whole family and children especially enjoy the physical activity as well as learning something new. 


Process and Tasting

Follow up time spent out in the field with learning more about the processing of the freshly picked crops. If visiting a tea plantation you can also get some exclusive knowledge on tasting.

Guided Tours

Guided plantation tours help you understand about the cultivation of spices and tea and to learn about the way of life in plantations. These tours can be by Jeep or by foot. 

Activities around the plantation
Usually far flung from the main towns, the activities in plantations are not sight-seeing led. However there are plenty of things to do at a plantation home. Most plantations are spread over a vast expanse and have plenty of mild trails for hikes. Spend a night camping and have a star studded night above you, almost in the wilderness. Many plantation owners will be happy for you to make a bonfire but don’t forget to clean your campsite before you leave.


Plantations are always a hotspot for wildlife spotting. Flora and fauna both exist in abundance and wild boars, elephants, leopards, sambars and gaurs are usually found in the Western Ghats. Plantation homes are also a favourite with bird watching enthusiasts. For example the Western Ghats of India have at least 500 bird species of which make can be found in the green confines of plantations

Coupled with the idea of plunging into these verdant surroundings, it’s the charm of the home run plantations, that visitors enjoy the most. Great local food, a well informed experience of the plantations and warm hospitality offer the perfect opportunity to relax. Pack a good book and absorb the boundless greenery and fresh air of an Indian plantation.0

If you would like to stay in a plantation homestay then get in touch and we can help you plan a fantastic trip.

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