Get married in India; Destinations for your dream day

One of the latest marriage trends is to celebrate in style with a destination wedding. The billion dollar Indian wedding industry is in overdrive during the winter months full of colour, celebration and lavish feasts. The Gods are awake and the planets are perfectly aligned for your special day. We bring you three dreamy locations ideal for your wedding destination if you want to get married in India!

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her big day, standing next to her knight in shining armour. So what location could be more suitable to create this fantasy than the royal state of Rajasthan? Palaces, Havelis, ancient temples are often rented by families to host the lavish event. Everything from the trousseau to the décor to the invites draws inspiration from the regal history and art of Rajasthan. Folk dancers, singers and musicians edge out DJs and their homogenous playlists.


Little wonder, it’s become the choice of venue for A-List celebrities like Liz Hurley and Arun Nayyar, Katy Perry and Russel Brand, and if rumours are to be believed even the ultimate celebrity couple, Brangelina.

While some couples love to be treated like royalty for a day, others prefer a more bohemian theme. Casual, serene, laidback and romantic; there’s no better place than the world renowned Goa.

Destination wedding_Goa

Goa is most famous as a party place. But there’s a quiet, tender and intimate side to Goa as well. Look beyond the popular beaches like Baga, Calingute and Anjuna, there’s a host of flawless, private beaches perfect for a couple seeking a barefoot dreamy wedding on the sand. It’s particularly suitable for young couples who love the idea of exchanging their vows and then partying the night away in a beachside bar with their near and dear ones.

Who could be a better host for a couple’s entry into holy matrimony than Kerala, God’s own country. There’s possibly no place like Kerala when it comes to combining serenity, natural beauty and the simplicity of life. Hiring houseboats for the wedding party and a farmhouse as the venue for the wedding ceremony is popular amongst artists and writers. The idea of an ostentatious wedding is fairly alien to Kerala’s way of living and celebrating. That’s why it draws couples looking to start their life together with simplicity and sophistication in one of the most beautiful spots on the Earth.

Destination wedding _kerala

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