Eat. Pray. Love. The Indian Way

In the publishing phenomenon that is Eat, Pray, Love journalist Elizabeth Gilbert recounts her spiritual journey during the course of a year spent travelling, which included several months in India discovering the art of devotion. The simplistic things in life are what make it beautiful and India is the perfect destination to take your own spiritual trip of pleasure and devotion.

We’ve found a few places in India that will take you on a journey of your own; a journey where you can eat, pray, and love.

EAT – Goa is the world’s playground and attracts hungry people from all over. As a result you can get every cuisine imaginable here but for the very best dishes try the freshly caught sea food.


In Jaipur the food is traditional and rich. The ultimate culinary experience is a typical Rajasthani fare where food is traditionally prepared in milk or ghee.


Kerala seems to have everything going for it and food is no exception. With a long coastline and numerous backwaters it’s not surprise that it’s best known for sea food. With a huge variety of dishes you can enjoy something new for days on end. With the aid of some homestays in the region you can even dive for clams, fish and lobsters and then learn how to prepare them as part of your culinary experience. Coorg is a non vegetarian’s haven and real Coorgis know endless ways to prepare dishes unique to this tiny region. Opt for a pork curry and you won’t be dissapointed.


PRAY – From Dehradun you can easily head to Rishikesh and Haridwar which are famous spritual hubs. The evening artee in Rishkesh is a sight that can convert the hardest agnostics. A dip in the Ganges at Haridwar is said to wash away one’s sins. Varanasi is the world’s oldest city and every inch of it exudes divinity.


Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are the hubs of Buddhism in India. The latter is where His Holiness Dalai Lama resides and it has an undeniable spritiual air to it. People willing to shed their materialistic ways flock to it in millions all through the year, from all over the world. 


Delhi has some of the biggest and grandest temples in India. Ashram, Akshardham temple, Bahai’i temple are just a few of the most revered ones.


LOVE – Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal is the ultimate symbol of love and needs little introduction. Lovers of all ages melt at its sight. It’s now possible to view this famous icon of eternal love by moonlight. Only permitted at certain times of the month numbers are restricted so planning and booking is required if you wish to see the Taj under the light of the full moon. 


Kerala is one the most popular places in India for a honeymoon, filled with serenity and charm. Luxurious massages and spa treatments are on offer everywhere. The perfect escape and excuse to reconnect.

The Golden Triangle: A package that covers Delhi-Jaipur-Agra you can find everything this journey of self exploration and even indulgence stands for. And by staying in homestays everywhere while you find great food, true faith and lasting love, you can also walk away with new friends.

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