Destination of the Month: This March experience the Barsana Holi

March is all about the colours of spring, especially with India’s famous Holi festival. While celebrated throughout India the Barsana Holi is well known for a fervent celebration known as the Lath-maar Holi making it the can’t miss destination of the month!


One of India’s most prominent festivals is Holi. It’s celebrated in many parts of India in various atypical and enchanting ways. As most people know, Holi is a festival of colours. It is widely celebrated in North India. In Rajasthan, the celebrations have a wild but regal flavour whereas in Uttar Pradesh things get downright chaotic. Urban Delhi presents a tame version of the festival and in the hills it is mostly a simple occasion.


Holi usually falls in March around springtime. This year, the colourful two-day festival is on 20th of March.

As Holi led down from legends about Lord Krishna, people of Mathura and Vrindavan are most passionate about it. For them it’s a legacy and not just a festival to have a wild time, though there’s no scarcity of intoxicants, loud music and revelry.


Barsana is where the famous Barsana Holi is celebrated. Legend has it that Lord Krishna was chased away from the village of Barsana after playfully teasing Radha his Consort her and her and her friend gopis. In remembrance the day is celebrated as hundereds of women beat their brothers-in-law with sticks. Fortunately the men are allowed a shield to protect themselves.

Vrindavan-Mathura are approximately 110 kms from Delhi (International airport) and 60 kms from Agra. People from Delhi and Agra undertake same day to and fro journeys to Vrindavan-Mathura commonly.

On Holi one can expect these places to become a bit manic. So, having a reliable homestay arrange your journey is advised. Choose from a Delhi homestay or stay in Agra.

The Rajasthani Holi is a sophisticated version of the festival as by and large the people of the state are most polite. Beautiful Rajasthani folk music adds a rich flavour to the celebrations. Special events and music festivals are plentiful and there is a lot of festivities for tourists to take part in and enjoy. The Holi celebrations of Rajasthan attracts dignitaries and leaders from the world over.

Do you want to experience Holi in India or see the Barsana Holi? Get in touch with our reservations team who will be able to help you plan your trip.

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