Destination of the month: November in Pushkar

Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the oldest cities in India and has become a popular tourist destination. November is an ideal time to plan a visit to coincide with the famous Pushkar Camel Fair.

Every year in the winter months the Pushkar Camel Fair is organised and the festival attracts a big crowd of travellers.


What is it?
People from all over the region bring their animals for sale and purchase. The famous ‘camel competition’ brings our well-bred and raised camels decked in fineries. The amazing photo opportunities that the fair offers attracts photographers from all over the world, coming to take pictures of the people and the animals. People are happy to pose for pictures but will often request a little baksheesh in return.


When is it?
This year the festival will be held from November 18th-21st. The temperature is at its best in the region from October to March, making it pleasant for all those who spend the whole day at the fair.

Where is it?
The festival will be held in Pushkar which is 30 mins from Ajmer by car. Jaipur is just 146 km from Pushkar and for people booked on a Golden Triangle Tour it is easy to incorporate into your trip before heading back to Delhi.


In and Around
Pushkar fair is just one of the reasons to visit the region. Pushkar itself is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus as it is the site of the world’s only Brahma temple. Due to the heavy rains received this year the Pushkar Lake, which had completely dried up recently, is sparkling again. Just a short drive from Pushkar is Ajmer where you should make time to visit the revered Dargah Sharif and Sone ji ki Nasiya.

Where to stay
Large white house close to Pushkar and Ajmer Dargah in Ajmer is just 11 kilometres away from Pushkar. One of the biggest residential properties in Ajmer, this homestay has a great reputation and has 8 spacious guest rooms and an independent cottage.


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