Camping in India – the best places to sleep under the canvas

If embarking on a journey to India, gather up all your adventurous spirit as the country is going to throw an array of experiences at you! Be it the cultural milieu, diverse festivals and cultures, the palate tingling food, the variety of wildlife or some serene places amidst valleys and clouds. Get prepared to be consumed by the multiplicity of experiences.


Apart from the cultural perspective which fascinated most travellers in India, the country offers a wide range of adventure activities as well. The different kinds of topographies in the country present vistas of a unique kind. For the adventure lovers, this gives them an opportunity to explore destinations by foot and find shelter under the canvas. Here are some fabulous options to camp out and feel the wind in the open expanses of India.

Camping in Rishikesh – One of the first few destinations which popularised rafting as an accessible adventure activity in India also made way for camping by the River. Ganga and Tons are the two rivers that flow in the region and make for a great companion after pitching a tent at night. Many camp sites have come up in the last decade, which offer basic to luxury camping facilities. This is a great way to get the kids outdoors in a safe and well equipped facility. Also enjoy the gurgling waters of the river for a thrilling rafting expedition.

Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Spiti – The lush green hills of Himachal Pradesh are an extremely inviting option for trekkers and outdoors enthusiasts. Most small villages make great base camps for off-beat hiking trails. Spiti is one of the more unexplored regions of Himachal, owing to its pleasant isolation from air connections. This dissuades many travellers so only the interested ones make an effort to get here. The raw beauty of Himachal lies in the high passes, mighty mountains and extremely untouched villages. Camping here is a delightful but not an easy option.

Camping in Spiti

Camping in Binsar – Based in Uttaranchal, Binsar and other villages of Garhwal and Kumaon, are the first steps who are inspired to venture close to the Himalayas. Lying in the foothills of these glorious mountains, Binsar and adjoining villages are also not too easy to traverse. It has lately become a bikers’ paradise who want to rough it out and pitch their stays enroute to mountain tops and remote villages.

Camping in Binsar

Camping in Wayanad – The south of India is usually wrongly represented by only temples or sunny sandy beaches, whereas, parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are replete with undulating mountains and lush green expanses of vegetation. One such delight is Wayanad, based in the North East of Kerala. Wayanad is known for its abundant wildlife and forest cover, thus naturally becoming a good choice for hikers and campers.


Camping in Nilgiris – Like Wayanad, the Nilgiris range of mountains in the South West of India is a haven for tea and coffee plantations. Recently, places like Sakleshpur, Coonoor, Ooty and Masinagudi have gained an adventure status for weekend goers from Bangalore. These are great places to pitch yourself a comfortable stay.


Camping in Rajasthan – Another destination with an unexpected camping tag, Rajasthan has infact, provided luxury camping options for ages. These camp sites are mostly in the middle of the desert but are well equipped with food and water along with attached bathrooms. Cultural shows are organised by these camp sites.


Camping in Ladakh – This region offer some of the most scenic landscapes to its visitors. There are numerous trekking trails and plenty of places to camp out and experience the wonder of the natural landscape. The region is bound by mountains and popular camping spots include alongside the river banks, fed by the mountain glaciers. Camping is only advisable during the summer months.

Camping in Ladakh

How to arrange your camping trip – Many homestays will be able to assist with camping arrangements and may be able to help with tent and equipment hire and arrange a guide or porter if required. They can send you on your way with a delicious packed lunch and look after your luggage while you spent a night in the wild, before welcoming you back with a hot bath and hot dinner.

If you are interested in camping in India then get in touch with our reservations team who can help you plan a fantastic itinerary. Or leave us a comment here on the blog and we will do our best to give you advice on planning your trip.

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