Best places to enjoy India nightlife

After battling whole new stimuli of smells, sounds and sights of India, one can do with a break at the end of travelling to temples and monuments. Most visitors pass through or enter India through the major metros, where most of the night life exists. India is not counted as one of the top party destinations, but its colonial past has left some remnants of clubs and nightlife. We pick out the top seven spots for a fun urban evening where you can enjoy India nightlife!

1. Mumbai
The vibrant city of Mumbai is certainly one of the few destinations in India, which can claim to have nightlife at all. Safe for women to travel even late at night, Mumbai has a burgeoning pub and live gigs culture. Some of the places that one must visit are Totos in Bandra for an old school feel of grabbing a beer with a friend, amidst loud thumping music from the 70s and 80s. Bandra has a bustling nightlife with a few pubs strewn in the area. This is probably where one can hop from one place to another; else the distances in Mumbai are long to traverse in the middle of the night. Blue Frog and Jazz by the Bay are some other options for live gigs and karaoke nights. Stand up Comedy is high on the list of things to do for the younger generation. Catch some fresh Indian talent at the Comedy Store and Cafe Goa, and some alcohol to go along with.


2. Goa
Goa has always been the destination of deliverance where nightlife spots are concerned. Usually when the season in bustling with foreign internationals, so are the party spots of Goa. This is between October to March. For the rest of the year, it is not worth your while to go looking for a spectacular nightlife here. While Titos and Mambos were the stalwarts of nightlife for many years, now newer names like Butter Lounge and Shiros rule the roost. On Saturday night, join the party goers at Anjuna Beach to catch some trance and psychedelic music.


3. Delhi
Apart from the mainstream drink and dance places in Delhi, there is a whole new breed of underground music artistes who are bringing a fresh dimension for people who always want to be surprised.  Catch B.L.O.T, Sifar and others who are hitting some new genres in Delhi. Shalom, Djinns, Mirage, Sahara, Mezz and Ministry of Sound are some places where you can catch some action on the music and dance scene in Delhi. Be careful as to be escorted by known people only and book your cab ahead if everyone in the group is drinking.


4. Bangalore
With a legacy of being the ‘beer and pub’ city of the country, Bangalore might have lost some lustre where the nightlife is concerned, but its easy paced fun is contagious. Still a great place to get a beer and enjoy the weather, Bangalore has a number of places to enjoy the evenings, except that one must wrap up by 11.30 p.m Jayamahal Palace for a slice of royalty, 13th floor for the old timers and Toit, the latest addition, are all great places to catch up with friends. Places like Dewers, the first pub of Bangalore, are sorely missed by the locals. Another great pub for which many eulogies have been written but it still appeals to many, is Pecos. Known for its esoteric choice of music with jazz and blues, people still like Pecos for its impressive collection of cassettes. Try another classic place called Styx for some heavy metal. Though dancing is not allowed in Bangalore, Mynt is the only reasonable place where one can shake a leg. The central M.G Road area is known to have over 40 pubs in a radius of 1 kilometre.


5. Chennai
Unlike its image of a largely middle-class lifestyle, Chennai’s nightlife has been on an upswing for the last 5 years or so. Names like Dublin, Zara (an old time favourite), Hell Freezes Over, Bikes and Barrels and Geoffrey’s are names the young lot reckon with.  Be at any of these for a fun filled evening.


6. Hyderabad
10 Downing Street, Bottles and Chimneys, Touch, Liquids, N, Ahala, Excess and Torque are some of the places which are worth your while in the ever growing pub scene of Hyderabad. The music sometimes can be a disappointment, but the number and variety of places in Hyderabad that make the nightlife more exciting, are in plenty. Try some ‘Famous’ ice-cream after you are done for the night.


7. Varkala
A surprise entry on the nightlife sector, but Varkala certainly owns a special spot here! The calm beaches on the edge of a cliff are the perfect backdrop for a couple of drinks in the months of October to March.


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