Best place to go fishing in India

India’s large coastal line ensures that a large part of its population is dependant on marine life. In some popular destinations tourists can try their own hand at the local livelihood of fishing, picking up tips from fishermen whose families have been casting their lines and nets for generations.

Depending upon the season, in Goa one can find many kinds of fish. Some varieties include Red Snappers, Threadfin Salmons, Barracudas, King Mackerels, Wahoo and so many more. ‘Catch and release’ is usually encouraged amongst tourists to protect the livelihood of the local fishermen who depend on the marine life. Inshore fishing permits night fishing as well. When it comes to offshore fishing, the bigger fish are found in the deeper waters. Sometimes people go up to 60 kms offshore using GPS, etc. to lure fish such as King Fish, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna etc.


This small but scenic hill station attracts a large number of fishing aficionados. The Cauvery River is rich with many varieties of fish such as rohu, katli, trout and the sought after mahasheer. The Valnoor Fishing Camp is teeming with Ladyfish and Mahasheer some of which can weigh more than 50 kgs. All tourists require permit for angling. Fishing without the essential licenses is illegal. It is not possible to get the permits during monsoon, as this is breeding season for the fish.


The sea life of Lake Vembanad is the source of livelihood for many fishermen. From both Alleppey and Kumarakom, one can see a carpet of fishing boats at dusk and dawn. Staying with some homestays, one can even go night-fishing with the local fishermen and come back with oysters, lobsters and much more.


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