Best place in India for your Indian honeymoon

India is the perfect destination for lovers so it’s no surprise that many newly-weds choose an Indian honeymoon. While winter has made it’s presence felt in every part of India. But whether you take a cue from the birds and head south or take it head on by driving up north, you can’t escape the air of romance. So say you’re a couple very much in love looking to make the best of this season, where can you go? We bring you four perfect places for an unforgettable time in the Indian winters.

There are many romantic and popular cities in the large state. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer to name a few. The traditional state has been a favourite amongst couples for its picturesque palaces, rich heritage and cinematic sand dunes. The cities of Rajasthan, save Jaipur, move at a languid pace – an integral part of a romantic escape. The further away you go from the pink city the more privacy and serenity will be at your disposal, perfect for an Indian honeymoon.


Kerala is the quintessential lover’s destination and a popular state for an Indian honeymoon. It has charming cruises on the backwaters, beautifully secluded areas for walks and rich flora and fauna to keep one company. Just sitting by the window as the soothing sound of the backwaters set the tone for an intimate evening is what makes these two parts of Kerala perfect for some quiet time to connect.


Khajuraho is known the world over for it’s temples totting erotic carvings. Although there’s much more to these carvings than what first meets the eye, this is mainly what attracts people from far and wide to the tiny city. The shwerd marketeers of Khajuraho have even learnt how to capitalise on this trait. The city is almost centered around the kamasutra and coupling. So clearly, no one will judge a couple holding hands and snuggling over a cup of coffee on their Indian honeymoon.


Fort Rampura is one of those lesser known places that everyone must visit once in a lifetime. The 700-year fort is the home of The Singhs and has till recently been open only to diplomats who arrive from Delhi. In winters the fort is encircled by bright yellow mustard flowers, a scene which seems to have been ripped straight out of a Shah Rukh Khan hit. Guests love to run through the field and create their own bollywood moment. Unlike the renovated and commercialised palaces, forts and havelis of Rajasthan, fort Rampura has still maintained its original character and stayed clear from becoming a uniform “heritage hotel.”


Why not combine two destinations for a multi-centre Indian honeymoon? Our reservations team can help you plan the perfect trip. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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