Beaches of India: Palolem beach

Palolem beach is one of those Goan beaches, which the average traveller has probably never heard about. But that is the best part about it. Here is everything you need to know about this South Goan beauty.

The beach
Palolem Beach has all of Goa’s beauty but none of its commercialisation. The area is mainly occupied local fishermen and a handful of solitude loving tourists. It is a swimmer-friendly beach, which stretches out for over 1.5 kms. The depth of the sea increases gradually and the currents are not fast.


Activities you can try include scuba diving or renting a self-paddle sea kayak boat but the main attraction is just enjoying the unspoilt surroundings.

The region’s specialty is obviously sea food and there are plenty of places around Palolem beach where you can enjoy great food.


Brown Bread is good for coffee and snacks with a wide range of fresh breads and cakes. Blue Planet, a family run organic vegetarian cafe is good if you are looking for health food. Casa Fiesta, The Nest, Magic Italy and Alessandra’s are other great places serving a plethora of good dishes. As day turns to night check out Cafe Del Mar, a great 24-hour bar or head to Live Star for great cocktails.


Getting there
Palolem beach is merely three kms from Canacona Rail Junction and about half an hour away from Margao. By road, Panaji is 70 kms away and the most economical way to travel is by train.

Where to Stay

Beautifully restored Portuguese era villa is a beautiful homestays in Margao within easy reach of Palolem beach


If you would like to include Palolem beach on your India itinerary contact our reservations team who will be happy to help you with your plans.

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