Beaches of India: Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach is located in the southern state of Kerala and is popular for the diverse attractions it offers. The 4-km beach is just six kilometers from state’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram. Here are some reasons why it is aptly called the ‘Paradise of South India’.

Abundance of Natural Beauty
Kovalam’s three curved beaches are lined by towering coconut trees, which are especially dense in the southernmost beach which is also called Lighthouse. Its three main parts are the lighthouse (southernmost area), Hawah (the middle region) and the northernmost area called Samudra beach. Lighthouse is named after its lighthouse and is the most popular of the three. The lighthouse, which was made by the British, offers panoramic views of region.

Sunset Views
The sunsets of Kovalam can surprise you every single time. Photography fans can be there for hours if not days capturing the infinite combinations of colours created at dusk every day. The calming beauty of the sight is a big attraction for lovers. If the sight itself was not enough, the beach comes alive at the time with music and dance, impromptu joy which overcomes visitors. This is also the time when photographers can capture fishermen using ancient methods of fishing.


Fire Rings and Bonfires
Sitting by a bonfire is one of the most popular activities amongst people who visit Kovalam. The fire rings and bonfire pits are available for free but are snapped up quickly as they are occupied on first come first serve basis.

Unique Amalgam of Cultures
A curious mix of shops can be found here. Artistic Kashmiri and Tibetan vendors share Kovalam with ayurveda-based salons, bikini sellers, bars, restaurants and more. It’s great for people who want to laze around, sunbathe, swim and just unwind.


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