Beaches of India: Kashid beach

Located just 33 kms from Alibaug in Maharashtra, Kashid is a perfect destination when you want to hit the beach or relax in the lap of greenery.

Kashid beach

The beautiful Kashid beach stretches for 3 kms. Kashid beach is popular with a rock less shore and kilometres of soft sand. The entire spread is white and clear of any stones, rough patches or rocky areas. You can spot some adventure activities like surfing on the beach due to the high waves. Along the entrance of the beach are a few coconut vendors and a variety of eating stalls.

The beach is not very crowded and can be a fun place to relax and tan. Some beach areas are almost deserted offering you the opportunity to have your own private paradise – even if just for the day.


The waves here are unusually high for India and can be great for surfing enthusiasts. The waves can be up to 5-6 feet high even during the non-monsoon months. However, during monsoons they are dangerously high and surfing is not recommending from June to September.

Kashid was unknown till recent times. It tops the list of beaches for people looking for silence and calm environment.

Getting to Kashid Beach

Kashid beach is between 2-3 hours drive from Mumbai. Buses between Mumbai and Murud stop at Kashid.

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