Beaches of India: Colva Beach in Goa

Goa has an impressive list of beaches to choose from along it’s generous coastline, and one longest and most popular is the white sandy stretch of Colva Beach.

Goa beach

Colva Beach
Lying relatively in the centre of the coastline Covla Beach is in a convenient spot over extreme northern or southern beaches. Given its proximity to the railway station, bus stop and airport, Colva Beach is buzzing with visitors offering plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers and locals.

The sand at Colva as compared to other parts of Goa is exceptionally soft. Colva stretches over a large expanse and hence accommodates two distinct parts – one which is isolated where you can find a lone spot quite easily, and the other which is bustling with locals and tourists enjoying water sports.

After a long day of relaxation, you can watch the energetic activities on the beach front as the sun goes down.


When to go
Goa is best during the cooler period of October to March. Ensure that you book ahead as this is a busy season. Tourists have also started visiting during the monsoon months of July and August attracted by plenty of discounts and the opportunity to see Goa without the crowds.

Packing Musts
Though everything is easily available at the Colva market, flip-flops and sunscreen are a must when visiting Goa.

Things to Do in Colva

1. Indulge in Sea Food – Colva is one of the better destinations to get a sumptuous fill of good sea food as the beach caters to a large amount of western tourists and the shacks there have mastered the skill of making good sea treats.
2. Karaoke at the Local Bar -The small bars in Colva are packed in the evenings with music enthusiasts who want to give it a shot at singing. A brilliant place to make new friends and get adventurous with the microphone.
3. Water Sports – Apart from few other beaches in North Goa, Colva offers a number of water sport options. Banana boats and sea scooters are available to hire. You can also see a host of people paragliding in the evening sun.
4. Cycling – Colva has a long stretch towards the north which is relatively unvisited. The road is paved and runs along smoothly at a close distance from the beach. It’s a great place to cycle along watching the fields on one side and the sea on the other.
5. Sunbathe and Relax – Find yourself an isolated spot, dig in the umbrella and grab your favourite book – with the perfect companions of sunbathing, you are bound to get a successful Indian tan.

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