Beaches of India: Alleppey Beach

Alleppey beach in Alleppey, Kerala is one of the most popular spots in Alleppey. Old, colonial buildings line the shore and the towering waves sometimes appear as walls of water. Also known as Alappuzha beach there are good facilities and interesting sights.


The pier is more than 140 years old and date backs to 1862 when it was built to  provide protection to the boats and ships that came in. It is not in a good condition but this makes an even more interesting feature for photographers.


There are two parks which children will especially enjoy and the children’s park is a popular family picnic spot. At the Vijaya Beach Park activities like boating, a toy train for children and bicycles are available. It is open from 1500 – 2000 hours.

When exploring Alleppey town it is a good idea to rent a bicycle for visiting places such as the old side-streets with colonial era factories, backwater canals and the long white sand beach.

In late December each year, Alleppey holds a beach festival involving various cultural events and even a procession of 50 elephants.

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Practical information about Alleppey Beach:

  • The climate in Alleppey is generally quite humid, and is at its most pleasant during winter, when it is not too hot. The temperature ranges from 22 to 35°C in summer and 20 to 32°C in winter, with monsoon season between late May and September.
  • The railway station is on the far side of Alleppey’s Commercial Canal, in the southwest of the city; Alleppey station is on the main Ernakulam- Thiruvanantahpuram line.
  • Homestays in Alleppey offer great accommodation options and the hosts will be able to help advise you when exploring the area on the best places to visit depending on your interests.

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