Accommodation Review: Homestay Guest Reveals Trip Pleasure

We love it when a homestay guest sends us feedback. Which is why, after every booking is over and our guests are back at home, we ask for an honest appraisal of their stay and experiences.

Their comments then feature on our main site, so you can see what kind of accommodation review each homestay gets.

Sometimes guests go further.

We were delighted to receive this from Mr A M Sundar of Bangalore:

“Hi, just wanted to give feedback on our recent stay at Beautiful cottages with friendly conversation – Coonoor. We had a three night stay there. A great place for any family who wish to have a real holiday and not just want to tick a list of places to see.”

Beautiful cottages with friendly conversation homestay is a spacious, well designed cottage surrounded by a verandah, so guests can enjoy the outdoors even if it rains! A deep green lawn surrounds the property and leads to a collection of tea plants. The house is only four years old and is constructed factoring in the ‘vastu’ style of architecture, with its entrance greeting the rising sun.

Beautiful cottages with friendly conversation-sunset

“Our initial plan was to have a camp at Coonoor and then drive down to Ooty and other places of interest everyday.

“But the amazing location of Beautiful cottages with friendly conversation, the interesting places within trekking distance from our house and the great food served by the hosts ensured that we never had to take out our car till the day of departure.

“Our day started everyday with a breathtaking sunrise, followed by a short trek to locate the home returning bisons – we managed to locate a group of nine of them.

“A trip to the nearby dam is a must and try locating the giant Malabar squirrels. We did a two hour trek to a nearby Toda settlements located deep in the forests- the hosts Jose & family volunteering to be our guides. Luckily it was a festive day and we were treated to some rituals by the tribals. The girls got their hair plaited Toda style and also managed to buy some exclusive shawls.

“The three families staying as guests managed to bond well and the nights were spend by playing board games or chatting by the fire place. “


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If Mr Sundar’s recommendation has inspired you, take a closer look at Beautiful cottages with friendly conversation and our other Coonoor homestays. 

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