A Taste of India: The Best of West Indian Food

In the second of our blog series exploring the tastes of India we look at the best of the west and find out what delicious home made dishes the homestays in West India are serving up to their guests.

West Indian food is very diverse. In Rajasthan to the north the food is very spicy and vegetarian based. Full of flavour the food is rich and doused in ghee a form of clarified butter. At the Beautiful modern homestay with sumptuous food homestay- delicious, traditional meals are largely made from homegrown organic produce like milk, wheat and vegetables. Guests can enjoy the iconic dish daal baati churma at every home here. This dish consists of three items of bati, dal (lentils), and churma.


The food of Goa is as colourful as the place itself. The region is dominated by sea food, coconut milk and rice. Stuffed fish, spicy prawns are specialities.


The specialities of the Beautiful bungalow close to Kashid beach in Maharashtra is Konkani cuisine which is a combination of Malvani and Goan cuisines. Fresh vegtables, fruits and coconut by the beach are appreciated by guests. The villa has its own flourishing rice paddy and vegetable farms. For vegetarians the vegetable and dal dishes are delicious. Kashid’s water is supposed to be the secret ingredient.


Many homestays offer cookery classes and the opportunity to learn for yourself how to recreate the signature dishes of the region. Contact us if you would like to find out more about booking a holiday with a cookery theme.

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