9 Things That Make Jim Corbett National Park An Indian Treasure

Jim Corbett National Park has long been the favored getaway for explorers and wildlife lovers in India. Here are nine things that attract people to the wild adventure that is Corbett.

1. Jeep safari
Jim Corbett National Park is most famous for its flora and fauna. The park houses many endangered species such as tigers, chital, sambar and even the humble deer. A great way to explore the landscape and see these animals going about their daily life is on a jeep safari. Ask your driver to go off the fixed route and you’ll get some rare insights into the animals’ lives.

2. On the shoulders of giants
An elephant safari lets you have an adventure within an adventure. The size of the creature deters predators from coming too close for comfort. They maneuver the grasslands with ease and in silence, with only the occasional sound of their trumpet aimed at a bully trying to intimidate the gentle giants.


3. Camping in Corbett
There are plenty of resorts in Corbett, but camping is a great experience for those who like to rough it out – though they do have basic amenities.


4. Click away
Corbett is a favourite of wildlife photographers, who spend days looking for the illusive tiger, often in vain. But the region’s majestic terrain offers great landscape shots as well, like panoramic views of the Shivalik and the Himalayas. The lesser discovered Terai region is a great place to capture views that go beyond the frequently seen compositions.


5. Far away festivals
The resorts and campsites usually offer fantastic packages on festivals. Particularly around New Year and Christmas they offer plenty of holiday packages, complete with champagne, feasts and safaris. The music here isn’t played from giant speakers. Rather, the chirping birds and rustling leaves take on that role. For some, this is a luxurious and intimate way to enjoy the festivities, far from the hustle and bustle of the big, bad, cities.

6. Take the wheel
The rivers in and around Corbett are spectacular places to drive or walk by. If you can get the permission, you can have a cozy little picnic set to the sound of serene water flowing by. The rivers are rich in many forms of minerals and sand. The result of this is a vibrant location with countless hues of gold, brown, and rust.

7. See creatures
To spot Corbett’s exotic marine life you should dedicate a few hours to The Ramganga. This is home to the exotic mahseer fish, the endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles, otters and turtles amongst others.


8. Bird watching
Many species of rare birds call the Corbett their home. And owing to the Ramganga’s rich marine life, you can spot many birds feasting here. Kingfishers, fish-eagles, storks and many other birds are seen here in large numbers swooping down to grab a bite. In winters, this reservoir is visited by many migratory birds and the bird lovers that follow them. The birds come from as far away as Europe and Central Asia.

9. Star gazing
The best part about places away from the big cities and their bright lights is gazing at a sky full of stars. For those who spend all their days in the urban world, this is a rare and welcome sight. You can spend hours spotting the different constellations. Some are visible with remarkable ease and unexpectedly bring out the child in you as you gaze in wonder.


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