40 India Travel Tips For Foreign Visitors

Canadian blogger Violet Dear recently shared all the things she wished she’d known before she set out for India.

Violet dear

Among them, we were delighted to read, was a warm recommendation for the many benefits of India homestays.

Homestays are amazing – seek them out whenever possible. This is often the only place where you can get real homecooked Indian food made by a woman (women in the North do not work outside the home except in Delhi and Punjab) The food, the atmosphere, engaging people in conversation, participating in daily life – this is what traveling is all about. Forgo fancy hotels – I recommend as many homestays as you can do.

We’re very pleased that a traveller who has spent a serious amount of time observing the wonders of India recognises the joy of homestays.

Take a look at Violet’s 39 other insights.

If you are a first time India visitor you will find them helpful; if you are Indian you will no doubt find the outsiders’ perspective fascinating.

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