11 Things That Make Nainital Queen Of Hill Stations

Nainital is one of North India’s most popular and famous hill stations. And here are 11 ways in which you can make the most of this land of the nine lakes.

1. Lake lovers
Nainital’s most popular feature are its numerous lakes, making boating a popular pastime. You can opt for a paddle boat, where you do all the work, or a languid ride on a row boat, operated by the boat’s owner. For those skilled at sailing, sailboats are easily available for rent as well. You can hire any of these options for as long as you want. Bargain over the price – it’s common.

2. The height of beauty
As you enjoy the panoramic vistas of the city below, the Naini Cable Car takes you up to Snow View, a beautiful viewpoint located 7,500 ft above sea level. The popular tourist spot offers enchanting vistas of the Himalayan range. Be sure to grab a cup of hot chai and some steaming pakoras from one of the food stalls before you leave.

3. Hello Himalayas
There’s a viewpoint is located between Nainital and the town of Kilbury. It’s proudly perched at an impressive height of 2300 meters and offers wonderful views of the majestic Himalayas. It is one of the lesser known viewpoints around Nainital. It’s worth seeking out, away from the crowds and chatter.

4. A walk to remember
The best place to enjoy a trek or walk in Nainital is Thandi Sadak or Cold Street. It’s a lovely spot to find solitude and has a romantic ambiance. Your walk will be lined by tall, lush pines, deodars and oaks. During summer and fall, your walk will be set to the sweet sound of chirping birds and the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves.

5. Test of the terrain

Naina Peak is the highest peak in Nainital and obviously provides unmatched vistas to those who can take on the intense journey. Even the most skilled hikers find the journey daunting but the company of cheery rhododendrons, soaring deodars and lush cypresses is a welcome distraction. If you have persevering feet, then the peak rewards you with a magnificent bird’s eye view of Nainital, the Himalayas and the Terai region. Given the right season you can enjoy a 360 degree view of snow-cloaked Himalayas.

6. In the company of fish

Bhimtal has long been one of the most popular day trips from Nainital. A 22 kilometre long journey will take you to this small but popular island. Nainital’s authorities recently replaced Bhimtal’s overcrowded restaurant with an enchanting aquarium, which houses a variety of fish from all over the world such as South Africa, Mexico and China.

7. Let’s celebrate

All year round, vibrant festivals can be observed in Nainital. Whether or not you understand their historic and religious importance, they’re always fun to participate in. Most of the festivals are all about building community spirit and are filled music, dance and colours, as well as delicious local specialties.

8. Putting green

Golf has arrived in Nainital. The 9-hole course is fun, simple to master and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great way to bond with the family while honing your putting skills.


9. Horsing around
An interesting way to explore Nainital is on horseback. If you can’t ride well, the horse’s owner will accompany you. Pony rides are available for children.


10. Shopping
In Nainital you’ll find inexpensive, locally produced, and usually handmade merchandise. It is very popular for its unique and interesting candles. From a glittering Christmas tree to a jolly Buddha with a wick sticking out of his head, you’ll find lots of choice when it comes to souvenirs.


11. A day away
Nainital is surrounded by lakes that are getaways in their own right. One of such places is Sat-tal, which literally means “seven lakes.” It is one of the places around Nainital that have not been overwhelmed by commercialization and crowds. The other option is called Naukuchiyatal. This is a small and beautiful lake which has nau (nine) corners. It is just four kilometers from Bhimtal and enveloped by lush green hills. The perfect place to be with yourself and your thoughts.

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