10 Coonoor Things To Do: Nilgiris’ Favourite Hill Station

Located at a height of 1,856 metres,  Coonoor is a small tea garden town and an enchanting hill station. Here we bring you 10 Coonoor things to do that will enable you to make the most of this jewel nestled in the Nilgiri mountains

1. Sim’s Park

Sim’s Park sits in a deep ravine. By navigating its meandering paths you can reach the park’s higher peaks. Its most wondrous offering is its wealth of shola trees and the other innumerable varieties, sporadically planted all over. In full bloom, this randomness creates a vibrant and unreal effect. The park is also famous for affording great views to many of Coonoor’s popular tourist spots such as Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose and Lady Canning’s Seat.


2. Take the toy train

Nilgiri’s famous toy train is one of the most popular Coonoor things to do. The charming train started operating over a century ago and, considering the terrain of the region, it is rightfully considered an engineering marvel. The blue-cream train oozes old world charm with delightful wooden coaches and large windows that provide enchanting views. It’s called a toy train because it’s so slow that you can high-five the children outside as it moves. It stops every hour and so you can easily hop in and out for a short photo session. A ride on the usually crowded train should be considered a rare experience rather than treated as a functional mode of transport.


3. Bird watching and listening

Coonoor’s calm and quiet is not just appreciated by peace-seeking tourists but also exotic birds. Here, you can find many songbirds such as nightingales, babblers, larks and robins, who serenade you with their mesmerizing harmonies.


4. Pick the fruits

Coonoor’s Pomological Station is a feast for those interested in horticulture. Many varieties of fruits are grown here for research purposes. Here, one can also purchase fresh apples, plums, apricots and much more. Freshly made fruit jams are produced on a small scale and are delicious gifts for those back home.

5. Tour the silk station

A visit to the Silk Rearing Station is a great way to learn the intricacies of Sericulture. On special request you can get a complete tour of the process and see how the famous Indian silk is made. However, do note that the process involves boiling silkworms alive, so it may not be for everyone.

6. Enjoy the falls

The Law Falls are located 7 kilometers from Coonoor and make for a lovely picnic spot. The divine Falls drop from a height of almost 200 feet and what adds to the charm of the area is that it is enveloped by majestic Shola trees.

7. Get some fantastic views

A short drive from Coonoor is a destination called Lamb’s Rock. The tourist spot is a favourite of visitors because it offers divine views of Coimbatore. Just a little further away from Lamb’s Rock is Dolphin’s Nose. The viewpoint is quite simply named after a massive rock, which resembles the face of a Dolphin.

8. Share a point of view

Lady Canning’s Seat is just 9 kilometers from Coonoor. It is so named because the wife of Viceroy Canning loved to sit and marvel at the vista. Here you can find a small residence, which you can explore or just use to rest for a bit. From this destination you can soak-up the enchanting views of the endless tea estates that surround you as well as gaze at the plains


9. Drive to Droog

To reach the Droog, one has to drive 15 kilometers from Coonoor and then take on a 3 kilometer long trek. The Droog serves as a popular picnic spot but it also has great historical significance. The destination once served as an outpost for the great Tipu Sultan. It stands proud at an elevation of 6,000 feet and due to its location it offers incomparable views of the surrounding plains.

10. Day trip to Masinagudi

Masinagudi is a great place to see elephants languidly strolling by, sharing the roads with cars, pedestrians and trucks. The destination is less than 20 kms from Coonoor and the drive is infested with hairpin turns. Trekking is the best way to explore Masinagudi’s beautiful vistas. There are innumerable charming makeshift snack stalls, which serve as great places to take a break and dig into the local delicacies.

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